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DrBrentMorgan.com Announces Dr. Morgan Has Been Named Best in Dallas by D Magazine

Minimally invasive treatments remain the preferred choice when it comes to spine or brain conditions and Dr. Morgan works to find these treatments, reports Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery


Plano, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery proudly announces D Magazine has again named Dr. Brent Morgan, a neurosurgeon plano, the best in Dallas for the ninth year running. Complexity meets its match when it comes to Dr. Morgan, a specialist with more than 3,000 lumbar and cervical procedures under his belt. When individuals in the Dallas area need a back surgeon richardson, they turn to Dr. Morgan as he offers highly customized treatments with minimal recovery time.

"Texas loves football and many first learned of Dr. Morgan when he sat down with Nick Eatman of the team to discuss neck injuries which may be sustained during a professional football game. Stingers, pinched nerves, and other issues come as a result of the hard hitting play seen at this level, and Dr. Morgan assists patients with problems such as this. Pinched nerves and stingers are only two of many conditions Dr. Morgan can treat," Natalie Drake, spokesperson for Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery, explains.

WebMD reports low back pain continues as the leading cause of disability around the world. In fact, this condition accounts for more disability cases than approximately 300 other conditions, with ten percent of the population suffering from lower back pain. Certain individuals, such as those in industries such as forestry, animal husbandry, or agriculture, tend to be more prone to this type of pain.

Dr. Morgan, a spine surgeon plano, reports exercise and maintaining a healthy weight help to prevent low back pain in many cases and that helps to explain why back pain increases with age. Individuals need to find minimally invasive treatments to return to normal daily activities in the shortest time possible. Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery works with patients to try least invasive treatments before moving on to more invasive ones, as surgery isn't the answer in many cases.

Brain tumors come in many forms and Dr. Morgan treats a wide variety of benign and malignant tumors, making use of advanced treatments to do so. Conditions treated include gliomas, hydocephalus, and pineal tumors. Stereotactic biopsies, aneurysm clippings, and craniotomies are three treatments offered through Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery. Dr. Morgan remains committed to advancing the science of neurosurgery through the use of minimally invasive techniques.

"In addition, Dr. Morgan works with patients who find physical therapy fails to help resolve the issue they are experiencing. The goal continues to be to use surgery only as a last result, and he uses a wide variety of techniques in the process. Strategies used include medication medication, injection therapy, and possibly psychological assessment or other appropriate treatments. Contact Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery for assistance with spine and brain conditions or for the management of pain, as the institute works to find the least invasive treatment for each patient," Drake declares.

About Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery
Dr. Brent Morgan established Texas Institute of Spine and Neurosurgery to assist clients suffering from spine or back conditions. The institute works to provide highly customized treatments with minimal recovery time, offering a variety of treatments for complex disorders.