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Top 10 Senior Care Franchises Releases New 2015 List of Best Franchise Opportunities

The product of extensive, in-depth analysis and objectivity, the new list of leading franchises will be of great use to investors, Top 10 Senior Care Franchises reports


Las Vegas, NV -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- With the New Year upon us, Top 10 Senior Care Franchises has released a new list of the top senior home care franchises for 2015. The result of a thorough analysis of nearly 50 companies that offer senior care franchising today, the new list aims at pointing investors toward the best opportunities the market has to offer in the coming year. With an in-depth analytic approach drawing from data collected by The Franchise Learning Channel, the new ranking just published by Top 10 Senior Care Franchises is important reading for all of those with an interest in the industry.

"Thanks to an aging population and still-rising health care costs, the home care industry is growing at an incredible pace," Top 10 Senior Care Franchises representative Lewis Trio said, "So we have once again put together the industry's most comprehensive and incisive list of the top senior care franchise opportunities that are available today. Our new 2015 list is going to help investors everywhere discover and take advantage of some incredible business opportunities."

A relative rarity even just forty years ago, home care provision for seniors has boomed since those of the Baby Boomer generation began retiring. By 2009, according to the National Association for Home Care & Hospice, that once-insignificant industry was drawing over $70 billion in the United States alone every year, and the industry's rate of growth has only steepened since.

That makes the senior home care industry a frequent target of entrepreneurs and would-be small business owners. Understandably enough, however, seniors are consistently selective about whom they allow into their homes to provide them with much-needed care. Small home care operations therefore often find it difficult to amass client lists large enough to keep them in business, since they lack the reputations that will allow them to overcome the justified skepticism of potential clients.

Top 10 Senior Care Franchises was founded to help with this problem. Because they bring recognizable names and other resources to the table, senior care franchises consistently outperform their peers who lack such backing. All the same, not every such franchise is created equal, whether in terms of its market power or other factors, so Top 10 Senior Care Franchises was created to help investors find the best of the best.

Every year for the past several, then, Top 10 Senior Care Franchises has taken an in-depth look at the franchise opportunities on the market, seeking to identify the few that have the most to offer to investors and those thinking of starting home care businesses. The just-published rankings for 2015 are the first and presently only ones of their sort on the Internet, and make use of proven, highly respected analytic techniques and reliable data to arrive at their results.

The new rankings are available for free to visitors to

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