Webmaster Journal Acquires AdminForums

Visitors to the site receive the opportunity to win exciting prizes, software, and forum upgrades, as announced on WebmasterJournal.com


Orange City, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2015 -- Tomorrow's Retail announces their acquisition of AdminForums.org on December 2, 2014. The company, upon acquiring AdminForums.org, opted to change the name to WebmasterJournal.com and, to celebrate the acquisition, the company plans to offer visitors the opportunity to win software, forum upgrades, and exciting prizes. Webmaster Journal currently has more than 13,000 members and the site continues to grow.

"Webmasters find this site to be of great assistance, as no topic related to websites is off limits. Many look for free website hosting, and this topic remains hot on the site. Others discuss search engine optimization or question whether purchasing an aged domain offers any benefits, as seen by the 128 views this topic has received. When one has a question concerning websites, Webmaster Journal is the place to turn," Timothy Ehrenkaufer, spokesperson for Webmaster Journal, announces.

Web related issues continue to plague many webmasters, yet those trained to solve these issues often don't know how to do so. When one makes use of Webmaster Journal, he or she finds they have the ability to speak to others who may have encountered this issue in the past. When doing so, they often find the answer they need to resolve the problem permanently.

"What many don't realize is the forum provides another major benefit, one directly related to solving current problems. Users find they learn about problems they have yet to encounter, but ones which may crop up in the future. When an issue does arise, the webmaster realizes he or she already knows where to turn for assistance. There is no need to wait for expert assistance through a web hosting company or another source. The webmaster heads over to the forum, does a quick search, and has the answer he or she needs," Ehrenkaufer declares.

An additional benefit of making use of a webmaster forum involves networking. Individuals making use of the forum make new connections, ones which may benefit them in the future. If a company decides to close, the webmaster becomes unemployed, yet he or she may head to this forum to learn about job openings, openings which may occur when a webmaster moves on to a new position or leaves the field for any reason.

"Never discount the benefits of using webmasterjournal. Individuals who do so learn about a wide range of topics, including link-building, Google algorithm changes, free marketing opportunities, and more. Visit the site today to see how it may be of help to you. When you do so, you'll wonder how you lived without this site in the past," Ehrenkaufer proclaims.

About Webmaster Journal
Webmaster Journal, formerly known as AdminForums, is a webmaster forum which is owned and operated by Tomorrow's Retail, Inc.