Musical Act Flaunt Seeks Crowdfunding for Their Epic New Music & Video Album in 2015

Every musical act sets out to create its own Rumors, Thriller, or Achtung! Baby. Flaunt can do that with a little help from the crowdfunding community.


Portland, ME -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- FLAUNT is an independent musical act based in the USA which takes the most unique and unconventional musical sounds and somehow blends them into what it calls electro-organic pop music.

Using its critically acclaimed debut album CODON as a springboard, FLAUNT now is poised - after winning the Independent Music Network's 2014 Discovery Act (New Artist) Award AND reaching the BILLBOARD Magazine Chart in December 2014 - to expand its acoustic horizons bringing more melody and traditional song structure to its ever-expanding canvas. On this new album, for now known as the code name "RN", Flaunt is bringing in sounds from blues, rock, synth-pop, and pure old R&B yet maintaining its fabric of world music, field sounds, and - yup - REAL guitar, drums, and VOICE.

And, even though it tends to be associated with the big artists of today, Flaunt has a full video album to accompany this sprawling project. Flaunt likes to explain this album as follows: it is as if someone in 2017 is turning on the radio in the 1970s... a little bit of this and a little bit of that but somehow it all sounds so good... so wonderful... together. It's a life soundtrack.

Crowdfunding is sought for post-production expenses and extensive promotion of this unique mix of music to as many people as possible. Funding will allow these independent music artists remain independent by eliminating the fat cats of the music industry who see every musical act as a business plan by taking their music right to the people. They have everything lined up; their agent, radio airtime, the songs, the cover art, the videos and the remixes.

Thanks to their experience with their first album, promoting music must extend beyond iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Flaunt understands the kind of exposure they need to reach music fans takes money. Backers to this crowdfunding campaign can enjoy special access to all of their music, rare collectibles and really cool clothing.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on February 3, 2015.

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About Flaunt
Flaunt is the epitome of manic creativity. The artist remains somewhat a mystery personally, but the output speaks volumes. If asked to pinpoint a specific sound that characterizes FLAUNT, the questioner would be scoffed at for "daring to qualify" FLAUNT's music. And the listener can attest to the breadth of this act's musical palette: shades of everything from avant-garde electronic to world-music infused rhythms. FLAUNT even attempts to make melody out of cacophony: the old "chaos in order vs. order in chaos" theory applied to sound.