Research Shows More Than 90% of Breast-Cancer Cells Destroyed by Chamomile and Thyme Oil

With a concentration of nearly 0.2%, all the vital tea oils were fairly capable of suppressing both prostate as well as lung cancer cells, with the exclusion of mint essential oil.


Fairhope, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- There is an array of various natural foods or substances which have been analyzed for their disease-treating as well as disease-preventing capabilities. As the pharmaceutical business forces patented medicines that trigger numerous side effects, scientists are unveiling how exactly they can use nature's gift to treat and prevent diseases varying from diabetes, to osteoarthritis, to even deadliest cancer. Chinese scientists have shown how oils as easy as thyme or chamomile can destroy as much as 90+ % of breast cancer cells. They also found that drinking oolong or green loose leaf tea can help in fighting cancer cells.

Studying a few of the most widely used vital oils in present use, such as ginger, mint, lemon, jasmine, grapefruit, chamomile, lavender, thyme, and cinnamon, scientists wanted to find out how these oils might fight cancer. They figure this out by screening antibacterial efficiency in addition to in-vitro toxicology against cancer-cell lines. The examined cancer-cell lines were the A-549 lung cancer cells, the MCF-7 breast cancer-cells, and even the PC-3 prostate cancer-cells.

The breast-cancer tissues were mainly destroyed by all of those oils, with chamomile tea eliminating as much as 93% of these in-vitro. Much more efficient was thyme oil, which resulted in a 97% destroy rate of the MCF 7 breast-cancer tissues. Although it's very important to keep in mind that this study was done in-vitro, which means the tissues were analyzed outside their regular biological framework – like in a petri-dish.

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