Can a Cup of Tea a Day Keep the Doctor Away?

Tea leaves contain a powerful flavonoid named ECGC, which protects the body against free radicals that could leads to diseases like clogged arteries, cancer and cardiovascular disease.


Fairhope, AL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Tea is the second most consumed drink on the planet after water, with factually thousands of available blends. However, many people have tried the simple black tea, the green tea (rich in antioxidants), and maybe some finest herbal teas, but they might not be familiar with the pure selection of tea accessible and what each individual tea can do for their well being and health.

Green, Black, oolong and white teas are loaded with antioxidants that make them beneficial for overall health and wellness. Several scientific research have revealed that oolong tea and green tea can help in weight loss due to its caffeine content and anti-oxidative property, which have a thermo-genic effect. What this means is it escalates the metabolic rate to burn the stored fat. While rooibos tea is a perfect tea for new mothers which could help them as an anti-inflammatory agent because of its high mineral, vitamin and antioxidant content.

While many of these teas possess a wide range of health benefits and equivalent compounds, white tea is the least -processed tea, which associates with getting the strongest level of nourishing antioxidants. White tea is used to relieve the symptoms of some ailments and boosts recuperation, while sustaining the cardiovascular as well as immune systems. Whereas for Kids, chamomile tea is recognized to cure and alleviate mild stomach and intestinal woes.

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