Computer Monitoring Software That Sees Employees, Not Outsiders, as the Real Threat

Employee monitoring software act like a security camera for PC screen, which records all keystrokes and application accessed during each user-session.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Entrepreneurs invest a great deal in their company, comprising developing advertising strategies, producing new products and paying their employees. If one of their employees does not complete his or her job, it may adversely affect the deadlines resulting in enormous loss. Using employee monitoring software allows companies to check their employee computer activities, to determine whether time is being squandered on computer games and social media websites rather than focusing on the projects assigned.

A study conducted on 1,010 U.S. employees who make use of a company provided PC or laptop unveiled an almost 39 % of participants stated their companies have suffered a significant IT interruption brought on by staff personnel browsing suspicious and other questionable websites via work-issued computer, leading to malware infections and other associated problems.

Therefore, in order to avoid productivity loss and data theft, one of the most crucial features employers look for is an employee surveillance software. Many employers prefer to invest in undetected employee tracking software. Remote-access allows employer observe many PCs from their own administrator's computer, or when the software is cloud-based through a secure site. This pc monitoring software comes with many features like capturing screenshot, keystroke logger, real time monitoring, offline recording and lot more.

The moment a user-session starts, computer monitoring software starts recording everything which occurs on the pc. Utilizing an excessively specialized and efficient compression algorithm, this program has the capacity to store video logs without consuming a massive quantity of space. The most recent version supplies a main new function; efficiency reporting. This version shows an HTML Pie graph and display how each employee spend their amount of time in-front of the work computers. If they're investing an excessive amount of time logged-on to Facebook, playing games, or performing other things that is not related to job, employers will learn about it quickly.

About EmpMonitor
EmpMonitor, (http://www.empmonitor.com), is a top supplier of employee monitoring software which keep an eye on employees' activities on performed on the work PC. EmpMonitor assess every given task statistically that is a perfect way to maintain employees from wander off from work and thus act as a productivity protector.

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