New Monitoring Software to Measure and Analyze Employees Productivity

Employee monitoring software offers many smart features which empowers an employer’s observation capability to increase productivity and level of control over ongoing projects.


Washington, DC -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- For Today's working IT professionals, there are practically no limitations anymore among the technologies they utilize for company and those they utilize for pleasure. Many employees access company's files and e-mails from their own laptops, smartphones and tablets, and utilize their work PCs for personal web-browsing. These progressively crossing lines, thanks to the BYOD policies, which have brought companies to start using employee monitoring software to keep a watchful eye on activities performed by their employees on work PCs.

Businesses are now actually turning to audit applications that assist in monitoring employees time invested at work as the prominence is now moving focus from amount of "time in workplace' to 'time-on work. In order to get higher productivity, businesses are implementing IT policies like blocking access to the internet, utilizing swipe cards to confirm log in/log out from the workplace and rewarding employee who spent extra hour at-work.

Furthermore, many big IT companies have raised office-work hours to 9.5 hours, including 1-2 hours of commuting time each way, is creating substantial pressure for employees. These inconsistent needs can only be solved if productivity could be increased during normal office hours.

This involves an awareness that the easiest way to enhance productivity during normal office hours is through conscious work.

The employee surveillance software which aspires to make sure that teams and employees can achieve substantial productivity gains, along with higher work-life tranquility is loaded with features like capturing screenshots every 5 seconds, offline recording, Auto-login, Real time activity monitoring, On-screen notifications and record every keystroke.

The PC monitoring software is perfectly suited for important verticals such as BPO's, KPOs, IT services, engineering services, and back offices of retail firms and BFSI, among others. The 'Mindful Enterprise' effort is gaining value among leading MNC like Google.

About EmpMonitor
EmpMonitor, (http://www.empmonitor.com/), is a leading employee monitoring software that keep track of records of activities performed on employee's computer. EmpMonitor evaluate every given task statistically, which is a perfect way to keep employees from straying away from work and hence act as an efficiency guardian.

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