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Texting Base Launches New Way to Text Through a Personalized Group Texting Platform


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Technology has connected the world to degrees never seen before. As technology advances, businesses are spending less time with clients and more time looking at their phones and computers for marketing solutions.  "Social Media" sites allow businesses to reach larger numbers of potential customers, but personal communication is limited.

People are also spending less time making phone calls.  Time Magazine and the Washington Post both found that around 1/3rd of all people in the US prefer texting to talking.

"My clients won't return calls anymore, only texts." said Tony Maceo, who works for Live Nation.

Texting Base created a product with a new way to improve relationships and bring people together based on a tried and true principle…personal communication.

According to CEO, Eric Beans, "Lack of time is a major factor in people losing touch. We added efficiency to the process of group communication so you can reach everyone quickly without losing the power of a personal message.  The technology enables a quality of communication that used to take hours or days and reduces the time to seconds."

Joe Esposito is a partner in US Coin Bullion and a Texting Base customer, "Texting Base has helped my business more than I could have imagined.  Our relationships with our customers are way better. .  It saves us time and my sales staff is happy, so I'm happy."

Eric Beans explains the impact on personal communication: "Texting Base allows businesses to upload all of their contacts, communicate with large numbers of prospects and customers more effectively than ever before without the messages becoming impersonal.  This level of efficiency was previously not possible for group communication without sacrificing the power of personal texts.  This is a game-changer."

The statistics support the use of texting in business: 98% of texts are read compared to 22% of e-mails and texting has a 6-8 times higher response rate than emails.

Alex Shaffer, co-founder said, "Texting is the best medium for having honest and concise communication that breaks the boundaries of emails, feeds and phone calls. Texting Base allows businesses to maintain relationships with their customers as if they were close friends."

Learn more about the innovative new platform launch by visiting the web page at today. Members of the press who have additional questions are encouraged to contact Eric Beans at the location provided below.

About Texting Base Inc.
Texting Base, Inc. is a global telecommunications company.  Texting Base, Inc. specializes in web based texting technologies, included but not limited to personalized group messaging, scheduled personalized group messaging, scheduled personalized birthday messages and scheduled personalized Holiday messages.  Texting Base, Inc. sells into the business market, and is the leader in B2B mobile messaging.  The company was founded in 2012 and has headquarters in Orlando, Florida.

Contact Person Name: Eric Beans
Position: CEO & Founder
Company Name: Texting Base Inc.
Address: 4767 New broad Street, Orlando, FL 32814
Telephone Number: (1-844-4-Texting or 844-483-9846)