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San Marcos, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2015 -- People come in all different shape and sizes, some are naturally taller and some shorter, thus is the nature's way and in an ideal discrimination free society these differences would not matter. In today's age the society perception of beauty and media play a major role in determining which physical features are more desirable than others, in the matter of height short people are at a disadvantage compared to their taller counterparts.

Taller people are seen as more attractive, more competent and more successful by our society, this skewed perception has been plaguing the society for a very long time, and therefore it is not recent that people desire tall height for that edge over others. In ancient times, taller people were the rulers, the rich and influential were also the tall heightened people. In modern times, people are bombarded with the images in different media ads which display tall as lean people as the epitome of good looks, success and class. Many studies have been conducted of the effects of tall height on people's careers, relationships and the social perception of such naturally endowed people; these studies confirm the situation that being tall is better. More specifically, taller males have their pick of the dating pool because women are more attracted to men who are tall because taller men are perceived as more masculine and better in bed, short heighted guys are losing out on dates because the short girls want the tall guys and the tall girls want taller guys, therefore the shorties have to fight harder for their share of the dating pool. Career wise taller people are paid more and have better chances of getting a promotion because they attract more attention which has many positive attributes that stem from the way society teaches people about what the better. In contrast, all is not lost because shorter people live longer but not many would want to lead a longer life being single.

The solution? Modern medicine has more or less failed at providing a solution for short height, the medical solution such as growth stimulating hormones come with a variety of dangerous side effects, which are best avoided. Creativity has given way to an ingenious solution the "shoe lifts" a hidden insoles in the shoes to boost 2 inches to their height instantly. Men's and Women's shoe lifts have helped many business people and celebrity boost their height and their confidence.

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