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myNEXUS Publishes Case Study Detailing One Subject's Results with Telehealth System

Company's first white paper provides a concrete, interesting look at the real benefits the myNEXUS remote care management service provided to one challenging patient, myNEXUS reports


Brentwood, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2015 -- myNEXUS, Inc., the creators of the innovative myNEXUS telemonitoring health care management system, announced the publication of the company's first free white paper. The case study describes the impressive results one patient obtained through making use of the myNEXUS system, and it is available at no charge on the company's website. The myNEXUS telehealth technology connects disparate parts of the health care system in coordinated ways, helping to ensure that patients remain on track as they manage their chronic conditions.

"One of the major difficulties faced by those with revolutionary, industry-changing products," myNEXUS President & CEO McArthur VanOsdale said, "is explaining how these fresh, fundamentally different approaches work and why they are so valuable. By going into the details of one challenging situation, our just-published white paper is going to help readers understand just how powerful and important the myNEXUS technology is."

Broadly considered, telehealth is the incorporation of telecommunications and information technologies into the health care field. One of the most fruitful strategies, and the one embodied by the myNEXUS system, is the use of remote health monitoring to allow caregivers and medical experts to keep closer tabs on the progress and habits of patients than they would otherwise. When successfully implemented, this tactic can greatly lower rates of hospital readmissions and complications from chronic conditions, as shown through the proven results of the myNEXUS system.

In the company's new white paper, this phenomenon is played out through the true story of a pseudonymous Vietnam veteran with a number of health problems, from psychological issues like PTSD resulting from military service to high blood pressure, obesity, and other chronic physical conditions. Mr. Smith, as he is called in the study, has many health-impairing habits and performs poorly in taking his numerous daily prescriptions.

After conquering his initial reluctance, Smith agrees to try out the myNEXUS telehealth system. An initial consultation with a Registered Nurse he trusts, results in setting achievable goals, and familiarizing him with using the company's biometric equipment. In the end, the monitoring and feedback provided through the myNEXUS system help Smith improve his habits and achieve a remarkable turnaround in many of his health indicators, including his dangerous blood pressure levels dropping nearly to normal over the course of two months.

By focusing specifically on one detailed, concrete situation, the new myNEXUS white paper will make it even easier than before for readers to understand the workings and potential benefits of the myNEXUS telehealth system. myNEXUS is committed to educating medical professionals and decision makers, as well as the public at large, about the impressive effectiveness of the company's revolutionary product, a drive that has also resulted in the production of accessible videos and other informational assets.

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Linking together providers, patients, and health care facilities, the myNEXUS biometric telehealth approach helps patients effectively and consistently manage their conditions, while reducing readmission rates, healthcare expenses and complications.