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ACHeck21's API Is Changing the Face of ACH and Check21 Industries


St. Charles, MO -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- ACHeck21's objective is to supply payment processing alternatives which help make companies a success. ACHeck21 provides payment processing solutions for all types of companies, both online and those with physical storefronts.

One question asked by many is "Why is it called ACHeck21?" Simply, ACHeck21 specializes in providing solutions for ACH (Automated Clearing House) and Check21, although it does supply credit card processing solutions as well.

What makes ACHeck21 unique?

Business requirements can be complicated and they don't always "fit" into a standard model. It is not helpful for companies to settle for a "one size fits all" ACH or Check21 software solution. ACHeck21's .NET structure was designed specifically for customization. The ACHeck21 system and its robust API allows for greater flexibility and new functionality than most of the ACH and Check 21 market alternatives.

ACHeck21's unique, proven technology allows clients to process ACH and Check 21 with one seamless system. Whether it be PPD, BOC, ARC, INTERNET, TEL, CCD or any of the many x9 (ICL) formats, ACHeck21's sophisticated software provides return tracking, complex reporting, and built-in duplicate detection.

Looking for an ACH API? Or Perhaps A Check 21 API? Imagine if There Was One API That Could Do Both? Many companies already have a front end payment capture system, web site, or a fantastic software product but want Check21 API or an ACH API to perform deposits or direct bank debits. ACHeck21 processes both ACH and Check21 on the SAME PLATFORM! It has a fully documented API(s) for ACH, Check21, Verification, bill, returns management, and reporting needs.

The ACHeck21 Cloud

With cloud services, small businesses reap the benefits of not needing to deploy physical infrastructure like shrink-wrapped software or file and e-mail servers, and storage systems.

Plus, the "anywhere, anytime" availability of these alternatives means hassle-free cooperation among business partners and workers. Cloud services additionally provide SOHOs, entrepreneurs, and mom-and-pop outfits access to advanced technology without the need of an IT advisor or tech worker on the payroll.

How does this apply to the payments business?

Finding the right ACH or Check 21 software isn't easy. Not to mention, typically, these are different systems requiring separate installations. In bigger organizations and banks ACH and Check21 systems often need two departments - an ACH department and Check21. These issues can be a hindrance to a company or its bank, doubly so if they have separate ACH and Check 21 suppliers! By taking that software into the clouds, ACHeck21 has effectively removed a massive quantity of overhead expenditures.

But the ACHeck21 Cloud does more than just move the infrastructure to the internet. It creates new opportunities for appended services, scalability and links to other data bases. For example take duplicate detection at the bank level. ACH and Check21 software installed on the bank's servers is usually accompanied by software to detect duplicate checks or duplicate ACH transactions. However, since the software is installed at the bank the only duplicates the software can detect are those submitted to the bank. Banks using the ACHeck21 software enjoy duplicate detection within the cloud. This increases the number of transactions being checked by orders of magnitude and makes the overall system more secure. Another example would be specialized services such as verifying bank accounts or checking negative data bases for bad check writers. When ACH or Check21 software and infrastructure is installed locally, adding new services involves integration to a service provider -an expensive and time consuming project. In the ACHeck21 cloud these services and more can be added with the touch of a button.

Contact ACHeck21 today at 866-632-5415 or visit them at to see how they can help you today.

About ACHeck21
ACHeck21 is a payment processing solution. ACHeck21 provides payment processing solutions for all types of businesses, both online and those with physical storefronts. If a transaction were the alphabet, it provides solutions from A to Z and everywhere in between. It was originally created in 2006 under the name of Diversified Check Solutions. The company operates with two main offices, one located just outside of Orlando, FL and the other in St. Louis, MO.

Contact Information:
Diversified Check Solutions LLC, dba ACHeck21
926 Hemsath Rd, Ste 104A, St. Charles, MO 63303