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The Next Election: New Book, Based on Real Life Events, Calls on Americans to Fight for Voting Rights for Nonviolent Prisoners - It's a Compelling Read

Based on the life and work of author Charlton Sharpe, particularly his work with his STOP (Straight Talk On Prisons) Program, ‘The Next Election’ uses an inspirational quote from JFK to urge all Americans to work tirelessly to once again afford nonviolent offenders their constitutional right to vote. It’s a fascinating story with a bold message; but one more than achievable if enough citizens can back the campaign…


Pittsburg, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Millions of Americans are unaware that the removal of prisoners' right to vote is a prehistorical and frankly unconstitutional law left over from the devastating Jim Crow period. Charlton Sharpe has spent his entire adult life trying to fix the sad realities taking place within prison walls across the country and his new novel comes with an equally admirable goal.

'The Next Election' was written to raise support for the notion that nonviolent incarcerated offenders should be allowed to vote; the realization of one of their basic constitutional rights. Sharpe makes his compelling case in a story wrapped around his own life; a life driven by the rights and humanity of others.


The Next Election is based on true life events. The story opens with an award ceremony where Charles Sharpe is receiving an award for creating a nationally recognized crime prevention program known as STOP, which is an acronym for Straight Talk on Prison. Mr. Sharpe, in fact, did receive the award, and the actual ceremony took place in Oakland, California. The book then takes you to the inception of the program, which occurs in church while Charles experiences a vision during a sermon by Pastor Bob Jackson. Of course no one wants to hear about visions, especially Patrol Officer Roth Brocks. But Mr. Brocks liked the idea and encouraged Charles to put it on paper so that Roth could discuss it with his supervisors. After much haggling, the idea was passed, and the Straight Talk on Prison program was the talk of the town. Everything was going smoothly until an idea emerged from the STOP program. Mr. Sharpe, who felt that John Kennedy was one of our greatest presidents, referenced a quote from Kennedy to ignite the idea! The quote-"We need men who can dream of things that never were and ask why not" The idea-to reinstate the constitutional right to vote of nonviolent incarcerated American citizens. The results-read The Next Election to find out!

"People are looking for answers right now; evident by the shootings, protests, verdicts and riots taking place across the country," explains Sharpe. "Nothing will change if we continue to just throw people behind bars and hope that they somehow rehabilitate. Actual progress and societal change will only come from out-of-the-box thinkers who are unafraid to push the boundaries."

Continuing, "This solution requires people to be open-minded. It's time to address the issue of denying prisoners the right to vote, so let's do it."

Sharpe is quick to remind people that agreeing with the denial of prisoners' voting rights is essentially sympathizing with laws created during the Jim Crow era.

"There was nothing good about that time. In fact, it moved our nation backwards. Some Jim Crow-inspired laws are sadly still in place. Do you want to be pro-Jim Crow? I don't think so, so let's change this!"

'The Next Election' is available now: http://amzn.to/1Bww3bX

About Charlton Sharpe
Charlton Sharpe, a practicing educator, has been in the field of education for decades. Through a collaborated effort, he started a program mentioned in the book known as STOP, which is an acronym for Straight Talk on Prison. Charlton lives in Pittsburg, California, with his wife and two kids. This is his first novel.