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Breakthrough Author, Tonya Alston, Urges Readers to Cultivate Relationship with God – Across Four Compelling Books of Biography, Testimony & Scripture

‘Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Humility’, ‘Seasons Change Nothing Stays The Same "The Gift"’, ‘In The Beginning: Seasons Change Nothing Stays The Same’ and ‘The Promise: Move From Faith To Healing To The Promise’ walk readers through Tonya Alston’s life, alone from the age of sixteen and left to bring up three wonderful children without help. However, Alston had God on her side, cultivating a relationship that made life more than just worth living. Alston has now turned to preaching, with each book challenging readers to become spiritually in-tune with themselves and embrace God’s plan for a fruitful existence.


Dundalk, MD -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Like millions of others, Tonya Alston has endured many challenges, disappointments and setbacks in her life. On the flip side, she has also been graced with many blessings, the most powerful of which is the unshakable relationship she built with God and his word. Now the proud mother of three admirable young adults and committed to sharing God's word, Alston has turned to writing to help others find the same fruits.

Alston currently has four books on the market - 'Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Humility', 'Seasons Change Nothing Stays The Same "The Gift"', 'In The Beginning: Seasons Change Nothing Stays The Same' and 'The Promise: Move From Faith To Healing To The Promise'. Each brings a unique fusion of biography, testimony and scripture to help others triumph through life's challenges by growing closer to the God that can save them.


'Breaking Up Is Hard To Do: Humility' - Discovering your connection with your creator and breaking away from a mindset that leaves some in disbelief. Perhaps you have never given the concept of an all knowing spirit that is named God much time or attention. Does the Jesus story and his connection to the creator seem unbelievable to you? I pray that this writing helps to usher you into the marvelous light and introduce you to the light of the world. Hosea 4:6 "My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge".

'Seasons Change Nothing Stays The Same' - Do you love God? Do you know his voice? If he spoke to you today would you recognize it is him speaking? Join me on this 15 year journey of my discovery of the very present voice of God in my life and Why I can't live without him!

'In The Beginning: Seasons Change Nothing Stays The Same' - Welcome to volume II of Seasons Change Nothing Stays the Same. "In The Beginning". I hope you enjoyed Volume I. I couldn't wait to continue this journey of testimony with you. I have been going back into my memory to pull out so many instances where God literally told me before hand or gave me great insight into some of the circumstances and instances in my life.

'The Promise: Move From Faith To Healing To The Promise' - Discover the scriptures that if applied to our lives can bring healing faith and the promise God gives to all believers.

"I've been through many things in my life that, traditionally, would have negatively affected it. However, having built a strong and loving relationship with God, I've remained in awe of his ability to help me sail through them," explains Alston. "From the uplifting fruits I've been afforded through to the amazing people I've met, my relationship with God remains the best and most important thing I've accomplished."

Continuing, "I've had the privilege of studying Islam and being a Disciple of Christ. My first love is now preaching – and these books are a direct attempt to call on each reader to build their own relationship with God, as well as become spiritually in tune with themselves for what could be the first time. Believe me, a whole new world opened up for me when I began to cultivate a relationship with God – so there's nothing to stop others from doing the same."

Alston sees wide appeal for her work.

"There should be a copy of these books in every home, place of worship and school. With so many different doctrines to choose from and a myriad of often confusing philosophies thrown into the mix, people need a clear way to lay out their options and decide what is right for them. One thing is certain – you won't make it alone!" she adds.

All four volumes of the author's wok are available now: http://amzn.to/1HugPYO

About Tonya Alston
"I'm a lover of the word of God and share with others the benefit of having a relationship with God. I personally love the Gospels and know for a pure fact that studying the words of God, Jesus and other biblical characters has improved my life greatly. Honestly I wouldn't have had it any other way."