Eviction Relief Are Helping People Who Have Been Evicted to Rent a New Property

People who have been repeatedly turned down from renting another property after being evicted, are being helped by Eviction Relief to clear their negative background check in a view to renting a new property.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Eviction Relief specializes in providing eviction support nationwide. The eviction removal services they offer involve consumer reporting agencies, tenant screening agencies, along with the credit bureaus. They provide a solution to people who have been refused a rental property by helping to remove their client's eviction from the blacklist of tenant screening agencies.

Many people have tried multiple times to rent after being evicted but due to bad credit reports and renters debts they are enlisted in the black list and repeatedly get rejections. Eviction Relief offers these people a guaranteed program for eviction support that will help them rent successfully again. This program enables clients to move into a new apartment within a month to 45 days.

Even tenants with no evictions and in good standing with the creditors can be denied residence if they are blacklisted tenants. This list is a database that weeds out the tenants that for some reason are undesirable for renting to. It is used by landlords, who report different issues they have with tenants, such as disputes that have raised with landlords regarding property damage, delay or failure to pay rent, and more.

The process of eviction removal is legal, and Eviction Relief offers real help for customers, who are unable to rent any longer. The name of the clients will be cleared by removing their eviction from all of the tenant screening agencies that have listed them. The future landlords and property managers will not be able to see the clients' previous rental history, once it is removed from the database.

However, only a local judge can remove the eviction from the county court records or public records. This is possible only, if the clients can prove to the judge that they have been wrongfully evicted either by the landlord or property manager.

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About Eviction Relief
Eviction Relief helps hundreds of renters nationwide since 2012 giving them a chance to rent again. Their job is to remove the names of their clients from the Consumer Reporting and Tenant Screening Agencies to prevent sharing the information of the rental history with possible landlords.