Glucosamine Increasingly Used for Competitive Sport Animals


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Glucosamine is a very popular natural supplement for people who are suffering from arthritis. It is also a known supplement among athletes who want to improve their joint health. However, it appears that it is not only used by human athletes, but animals too.

According to research, glucosamine is considered as a great supplement for animal athletes. Many pet owners and trainers choose glucosamine to improve the joint health of their pets. Horses and dogs are among the most popular animal athletes using glucosamine today.

"Dogs can engage in a variety of competitive sports. These sports can include canine agility, disc dog competitions, flyball, lure coursing and herding trials. For highly physical sports like these, dog owners need to ensure that their pet's health is well taken care of," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

Glucosamine is believed to have therapeutic properties that can provide pain relief and potentially improve joint health in humans. Numerous experts and pet owners believe that these therapeutic effects also extend to dogs. There are already many veterinarians that recommend the use of glucosamine to pet owners whose dogs are suffering from arthritis.

Horses that engage in equestrian sports are also suggested to use glucosamine supplements. Long-term studies were conducted to test the effects of glucosamine in the joint health of horses. The subject horses suffered from pain in their hocks and were made to take the natural alternative for eight years. After eight years, it was found that the horses' need for hock injections were significantly reduced. The horses were also able to perform well during competitions.

"As horses age, just like humans, their joint cartilage gets stiff and this limits their mobility. The stiffness also results in swelling, pain and soreness in the joint regions," added O'Sullivan.

According to experts, horses have synovial liquid in their bodies that helps lubricate the joints and bones. The amount of this liquid gradually reduces as the horse gets older. Glucosamine is believed to be a great remedy to help regain a horse's joint health and mobility

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