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Calgary, AB -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- It is estimated that nearly half of all housing starts currently include structured wiring.

Structured wiring systems are hot. Promoted by suppliers and installing companies as the "fourth utility" and "digital plumbing," structured wiring systems have increased in both market penetration and consumer awareness.

The Primary Components

First, a service center, also called the distribution panel, works like a sophisticated switchboard. Outside services, including cable TV, telephone, DBS satellite, Internet and the like, enter this panel and are distributed to locations throughout the house. The system is similar to the one used by electrical breaker panels in controlling electricity flow.

Certain services like digital cable, digital satellite, high-speed Internet and HDTV require the second part of the wiring system, high-performance cables, to allow full access throughout the home. Most systems include RG-6 coaxial cable for TV and video distribution, and Category 5e twisted-pair cable for telephone and data. RG-6 coaxial cable provides maximum protection from interference with the TV picture. Category 5e cable provides high-speed access to multiple phone lines without cross-talk. Because the coaxial and twisted-pair data and phone cabling are frequently run together to universal service outlets, they are often bundled to simplify installation.

Each room has the third part of the wiring system, the outlet, which can be customized to users' specific needs based on which services they want in each room (cable, Internet access, telephone, etc.). Outlets that feature connections for voice, video and data services on a single plate are coming to be known as multimedia or universal service outlets.

Three Levels of Solutions
Dolphin Enterprises Inc. has established three solutions for structured wiring systems in new homes, based on the approved industry standard (TIA 570-A).

1.The recommended solution provides an infrastructure to support basic and advanced systems, including multimedia and interactive communications services, home-office components and distribution of digital television signals.

2.The minimum solution provides an infrastructure to support and integrate basic systems—such as telephone, satellite, CATV and data services—now, while allowing for customization and evolution as new technologies are developed. This solution limits access to many services derived from the broadband pipe (used in the recommended solution).

3.The upgraded solution integrates the recommended solution with an added step to allow for easy upgrading of the wiring system. This includes the installation of 2-inch PVC piping from the attic to the basement for ease of installing future wires and/or fiber optic cable, which provides maximum available bandwidth.


Distribution box:

The distribution box is a stand-alone piece of equipment that contains distribution devices for voice, data and video. It must be located in a place that is readily accessible to cabling maintenance. The distribution center allows the wiring system to be customized and updated as technologies are developed. It provides universal access to various networking elements within the home as well as connectivity to service providers.

Star topography:

All cables are strung in a star formation that allows all wires to have a direct link from the distribution box to the outlet. The efficient star topography allows system changes to be made without the hassle of having to pull new wires. In addition, services are not disrupted or impaired by other online connected devices.

Universal service outlets:

These outlets are designed to support a full range of communication technologies with a variety of flexible configurations, including voice, data and video jacks. Universal outlets allow the homeowner to determine which technologies will be used in each room in the home. Even after wiring system installation is complete, outlets can be changed to meet the homeowner's changing needs.

Recommended wiring consists of:

- two CAT 5 cables (CAT 5e preferred);

- two RG-6 quad-shielded coax cables;

- one dual CAT 5/dual coax outlet to key rooms in the house, including home office/den/study, kitchen, family/great room, each bedroom, multimedia room, master bathroom, utility room, dining room.

Recommended wiring provides for basic and advanced services, including multimedia and interactive communication services. This grade supports both current and developing technologies including multiple communication technology in the home office (multiple computers, fax machines, phone lines, etc.) and extensive home-theater capabilities (DVD, etc.).

Minimum wiring consists of:

- one four-pair UTP CAT 5 cable;

- one dual RG-6 coaxial cable to key rooms in the house, including home office/den/study, kitchen, family/great room, each bedroom.

Minimum wiring provides the basic structured wiring required for telephone, satellite, CATV, and data services. This allows a homeowner to reap basic benefits such as multiple phone and modem lines and satellite television. Minimum wiring, while technically compatible with current cable modem or DSL broadband services, limits access to many services derived from the broadband pipe.

Upgrade wiring

This wiring is the same as recommended wiring, plus 2-inch PVC piping from the attic to basement to ease installation of additional wiring or fiber optics in the future. Upgrade wiring is a kind of contingency plan to accommodate the unknown future of telecommunication services and technology.

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