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Hytrol Conveyor Celebrates January 2015 Anniversaries Totaling More Than 450 Years of Service


Jonesboro, AR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturers of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions, is proud to recognize the employees celebrating their anniversary of dedicated service to Hytrol Hytrol employees with a January anniversary start date have more than 450 years of service to Hytrol. Jeff Long, Marketing Communications Coordinator at Hytrol shared, "I had heard many good things about Hytrol. I stay because the benefits are good, the work was growing and become family with everyone who works here. The best thing about Hytrol has to be the people. Best in the world."

Jerry Beshiers, Production Manager at Hytrol noted, "My dad and uncle worked at Hytrol, so when I finished school it was only natural I come to work at Hytrol. I enjoy the friends I have made over the years at the company, and it has been a very good place to work. I have always felt I was a part of the Hytrol team and family."

1969 46 years
Jerry Beshiers
1976 39 years
Doug Jones
Lonnie Thompson
1984 31 years
Mike Anderson
1988 27 years
Jeff Long
1992 23 years
Chuck Palmer
1994 21 years
Chad Grimes
Tony Johnson
1998 17 years
Marty Colburn
Rickey Stevens
1999 16 years
Jamie Cloud
Dan Holmes
James Bennett
2000 15 years
Bill Maple
Paul Rutherford
2005 10 years
Brandon Morphis
Eric Stonecipher
2007 8 years
Mark Poe
2008 7 years
Barny Cornish
2009 6 years
Thad Becker
Charity Lawrence
2010 5 years
Stacie Smith
2011 4 years
Dollyne Meredith
Jerry Milton
Slade Reed
2012 3 years
Maribel Candia
Dian Herren
Chris Johnson
Quinton Moore
Ginger Mullins
Jimmy Odell
Guy Qualls
Mark Trotter
Joe Tubbs
Jon Warren
Tracy White
Helen Williams
2013 2 years
Kayla Chun
Johnny Segraves
Frank Starling
Chris Whitlock

Phillip Poston, Hytrol Director of Communication, said, "My sincere gratitude to these outstanding employees on their service, dedication and commitment to the Hytrol Conveyor community. Through their hard work and years of service, Hytrol continues to grow and provide our clients with the highest quality products and customer service. It is honored to recognize them for their excellence and exceptional performance day in and day out."

About Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc.
Hytrol designs and manufactures some of the most advanced conveyor systems in the material handling industry. More than 800 dedicated employees consider themselves a member of the Hytrol family. It is this cultural context that evaporates the notion that conveyors are a commodity. The products and services represent personal integrity and dynamic lean thinking.

The most important asset at Hytrol (http://www.hytrol.com) is its people. Hytrol provides a high quality of life for employees. Streamlining processes helps employees produce high quality products, delivered on time, at a fair price. Hytrol employees go beyond making and selling equipment. They work hard to develop a deep understanding of each customer's business in order to recommend the right solution every time.

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Hytrol Conveyor Co., Inc.
Phillip Poston
Director of Communications