Michael Hines Launches Kickstarter Project for GlowBox: A Way to Recharge Anything That Glows in the Dark

Crowdfunding will allow Michael to bring the GlowBox to market to bring a new, longer lasting charge to anything that is designed to glow.


Anchorage, AK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Glowbox is a storage box that is lined with multiple ultraviolet lights and is used to recharge sneakers, kid's toys and anything else made with material that glows in the dark. It's designed to recharge any product that glows in the dark and help those items grow brighter and longer thanks to the high intensity lights in the GlowBox.

The Glowbox is large enough to hold a pair of sneakers, a child's ball or other similarly-sized objects. A smaller model is planned for production to recharge fishing lures which is sure to be a hit with fishermen. The inside is lined with many bright ultraviolet lights that come to life when the GlowBox is plugged in. The miniature edition will be portable and battery-powered so it can be used anywhere; even a fishing boat. Fisherman will be sure to make their next big catch thanks to the bright glow of their fishing lore.

The GlowBox works on a simple principle of 360 degree exposure to ultraviolet light. Shoes or other products made with glow in the dark materials are placed on a clear layer in the box, so that they can be surrounded completely by the bright lights when the power is turned on. The center part of the box top can be removed so high heels or boots made with glow in the dark materials will fit and can be recharged in this box as well.

Crowdfunding is sought to mass-produce the GlowBox with different configuration including a high-tech option including Bluetooth communications and a camera. Funds will also be used to launch a marketing campaign appealing to different audiences including sports fans, fishermen and parents who want to keep the glow they like going stronger for longer.

This crowdfunding campaign ends on January 22, 2015.

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About Michael Hines
Michael is a military veteran that created and owns all the rights to GlowBox. He's motivated and dedicated to making the GlowBox a success and realized he can't do it on his own. Like most inventors, Michael works by day and creates cool new products by night.