Cesar Ndorerwanayo Starts Go Fund Me Campaign to Provide Free Tech Education for the Poor

Cesar Ndorerwanayo is the founder of a nonprofit organization named The Youth Progress. He is looking to raise $25,000 via Go Fund Me to improve the lives of Burundi’s impoverished children.


Rockford, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/05/2015 -- Cesar Ndorerwanayo is the owner of The Youth Progress, an organization dedicated to improving people's lives in the poor African nations. He was born in Rwanda, a nation that has always been technologically backward. Cesar was just five years old when the Rwandan genocide took place. This resulted in Cesar leading life as a refugee in a Tanzania based camp controlled by the United Nations High Commissioner. Later on, he landed in Chicago where Cesar learned the different uses of the computer including office, web design, coding, etc.

In a recent visit to Burundi, Cesar discovered that most of the people in the country are still not well acquainted with anything that involves the use of computers. This reminded Cesar of his own struggle with technology as a child. He started The Youth Progress project with the intention of improving the lives of impoverished children in Burundi. The nonprofit organization plans to achieve this objective by providing the tools that can make a positive impact on the generations to come.

The core values of The Youth Progress project are

- Freedom of youngsters to pursue their full potential
- Dignity and fullness of all human life
- Poor, orphans and street children.

At present, Cesar Ndorerwanayo and his team need to purchase at least two hundred computers. These computers will be used to teach office word, coding, web design, and other key applications of the computer. Cesar is looking for funding support so that he can purchase the computers and launch his project.

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The website of The Youth Progress is

About The Youth Progress
The Youth Progress is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improve the lives of impoverished children in Burundi by helping them become successful members of their communities that will have the tools to positively impact future generations. The organization helps providing shelters and quality education with dignity and respect to the poor, orphans and street children that need an immediate care.