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Great public relations, online PR and social media marketing are more essential than ever to set for businesses of all kinds to a long-term and lasting business going.


Hannover, Germany -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- There are some people who don't understand it intentionally that we are all depending on one another. The happiness and achievement of one in a functioning system is the central point of others success. The optimism that all of us will show by itself, directly or indirectly will get back to us at some point. As it is defined and seems like the high-karma principle, but the truth is that each nation and people appreciate this rule and understands, frequently just in the distinct language and with various expressions. This is the guideline and public relations as well as media relations. Gradually developing a positive image is the capacity of an organization particularly to bring to the surface and make all clearly noticeable. Public Relations direct the attention in the way that is preferred.

Although some people still stick to the financial crisis as the cause of all malevolence and look for market leaders in politics and business, on the other hand, other people talk evidently differentiated by a worldwide structural change. Companies such as Opel are unsuccessful due to their own size and stationary nature and also because of the use of "new media" are done reluctantly. It is evaluated that there are still a great percentage of companies that can use terms like link popularity, search engine optimization and online Public Relations nothing or very little to get started. The thoughts regarding Blogging platforms and Online Marketing appear fuzzy and indistinct; concurrently there exists great trepidation to invest their own money into techniques whose measurability is not apparent. As a result, many leaders stay inflexible in basic strategies and thus stop themselves from the long-term progress in the Internet world.

According to Frank-Michael Preuss, the owner of the editorial offices for image and text in Hanover, about 70-80% of the companies do not recognize the potential of online PR, although it is definitely an essential part of the media mix for the future. The idea of public relations was basically presented about 100 years back. Formerly there were infrequent groupings which recognized the significance of public representation. The truth is that presently there is a trend in view with the online PR moves for cost factors, the focus of far-sighted decision to put off the budget within the marketing world towards modern media, because there it is achieved with very affordable rate sustainable. Great public relations, online PR and social media marketing are more essential than ever to set for businesses of all kinds to a long-term and lasting business going.

About The Editorial Office of Image & Text
The Editorial Office of Image & Text finds strategic idea and carries out scheduled press and public relations in all online and print media. This consists of writing press releases, exploring and writing PR texts and journal articles, and also advising on suitable media and the construction of an appropriate press distribution. The focus is on modern cross-techniques and extensive, nationwide press distribution in the classical and the online media and strategic online PR and social media tactics branching. All components improve the level of attention and confidence in products and services. Regular press releases in news archives and social media working to strengthen the Authority of the target website (assuming it is always the same side) about the topic. Frank-Michael Preuss also works as a coach and in knowledge management for entrepreneurs.

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