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PreTax Health Enables Canadian Small Businesses to Make Health Claims from Their Mobile Phones in Under 10 Seconds


Calgary, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- PreTax Health, in partnership with National HealthClaim, has once again leapfrogged traditional health benefit plans to provide Canadian businesses with unprecedented speed and convenience when making health claims for business owners and employees.

ClaimSnap is a mobile claims application developed in conjunction with National HealthClaim.  PreTax Health customers simply download the free ClaimSnap app for their mobile phones from either the Apple or Android store, log in with their PreTax Health account, and then simply take a picture of their health receipts whenever they wish to make a claim.

There are no additional steps: once a suitable picture is taken by the user, the app automatically sends the claim for adjudication, processing, and payment.  If you are an existing or a new PreTax Health customer, there is no additional cost for ClaimSnap, you can start using the app right away.

Using ClaimSnap, business owners and employees can make claims in under 10 seconds.  Imagine visiting your health care practitioner and submitting your claim for payment before you leave the building.

"Our small business users always have their mobile phones with them; it made complete sense for us to remove the friction of having them return to their computers before they can submit claims. ClaimSnap has made claim submission as instantaneous and effortless as possible," says Charl Coetzee, PreTax Health Principal, and chief technical architect for ClaimSnap.

Canadian small businesses have come to regard a Health Spending Account as an essential element of their business.  "It has become as essential as a bank account for incorporated Canadian companies we work with," says Steve Hashman, Principal at PreTax Health.  It allows companies to use before-tax money to pay for health and medical expenses of employees, owners that work in the business, and their dependents, all as a tax free benefit.

For small businesses, a PreTax Health Spending Account can be a far more cost effective alternative to a traditional health benefit plan, especially for routine health care.  Some PreTax Health customers who have had both, say that the traditional benefit plan can entail as much as double the cost of a similar PreTax Health plan.

For businesses with an existing health insurance plan, the PreTax Health Spending Account can be used to pay for all the out-of-pocket expenses that those plans do not cover. A PreTax Health Spending Account also covers a much broader range of health care services than traditional health insurance plans.

A small business can activate their PreTax Health Spending Account and start filing claims within a couple of minutes.  Once setup, the real-time online system automatically tracks all claim activity and health funding balances, providing real-time status of claim reimbursements.  The system even generates automatic reminders when health funding has reached the minimum threshold, and needs to be topped up.

With the addition of ClaimSnap Mobile Claims, PreTax Heath has set a new industry standard for Health Spending Accounts in Canada

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About PreTax Health
PreTax Health is a division of Adaptive Benefits Canada Corporation. PreTax Health has tailored its PreTax Health Spending Account service to address the convenience and flexibility required by the Canadian small business market.  PreTax Health's advanced Health Spending Account is available across Canada (excluding Quebec).  Claim adjudication services for PreTax Health are provided through a strategic partnership with National Health Claim Corporation.

About National Health Claim
National HealthClaim has been developing and leading the industry with its Health Spending Account, CorporateHCSA and CoreHealth+ solutions. Reliable and secure online administration and adjudication infrastructure are central to their operations, with a strong commitment to customer service, technical excellence, and new products.

Both PreTax Health and National HealthClaim are headquartered in Calgary, Alberta.

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Steve Hashman