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Transformation Dental Partners Now Using Medical Insurance to Cover Dental Treatment


Tustin, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- The line between dental and medical treatment is not only blurring, it is disappearing. Dental treatments such as dental implant surgery, obstructive sleep apnea therapy or temporomandibular joint disorder equilibration are usually not covered by dental insurance, even though they may be recommended for the patient's continued health. Now, Dr. Milos Boskovic and Dr. Ivanka Srbinovska of Transformation Dental Partners in Tustin CA, are helping their patients use their major medical insurance to help cover the costs of advanced dental treatment.

While it's predicted that most dental practices will follow suit in the next decade, Transformation Dental Partners is making this transition now. And, while it may seem "different" to think of a dentist in medical terms, the shift fits seamlessly into Transformation Dental Partners' long-range plan of providing more than dentistry to Tustin, CA area residents.

"Research results continue to reveal the intimate connection between a person's oral health and the health of their heart, lungs, kidneys and other critical bodily systems and dentistry will be increasingly viewed as a major player in overall medical health resources. The immediate good news for the patient is that they can benefit by having their medical insurance used as a financial resource to achieve their treatment goals. Medical insurance may now contribute to the cost of treatment that is not covered by dental insurance," says Dr. Boskovic.

Dr. Boskovic explains, "Our goal from the minute we opened our dental practice was to be more than a 'drill it and fix it' dental clinic. We have always looked at the big picture of our patients' overall health and how our dentistry fits into that. The fact that there is a solid connection between the health of your teeth and the predictable health of your body is not a new concept for us. We have understood this from the beginning."

About Transformation Dental Partners
For the last century, dentistry focused on the teeth, gums and oral cavity of the patient. Today, Transformation Dental Partners routinely incorporates the overall medical condition and medical risks of the patient into their dental treatment planning. And, given independent research that consistently connects the health of the oral system and the health of the body's other major systems, one may wonder at the future for dental insurance in its current format.

Most recently, medical insurance has been used at Transformation Dental Partners to help cover the costs of these dental procedures:

- Dental Implant Surgery and Placement
- CAT Scans/Radiographs
- Wisdom tooth extractions
- Anti-Snoring devices
- Surgical treatment for Gum Disease
- Bone and tissue grafting
- Oral reconstruction

As a Prosthodontist, a specialty dentist accompanied by a range of advanced capabilities and certifications, Dr. Boskovic has prepared for a variety of dental cases and complex situations. In fact, Dr. Boskovic states, "these challenges are the very reason for my pursuit of advanced qualifications throughout my decades in practice."

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