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Innovative London Travel Guide Launches


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- E London Buzz , a guide to the sights and sounds of the capital, was launched last week in response to consumer demand for a hard hitting review of the city.

It's committed to pulling no punches, and delivering consistently excellent content that represents the honest truth, regardless of the stature of the reviewee. This groundbreaking site is already drawing attention for its scathing comments about some of the capital's most established venues, as well as its championing of indie restaurants and attractions.

The site was founded by a group of Londoners who believed there to be a curious lack of real guidance in the capital. Asked for comment, the guide's editor had this to say: "Everything you can find abou the capital online has long seemed inadequate. On the one hand, there's the big media guides. These are just collections of corporate soundbites, bland reissues of PR statements and content lifted straight for the website. They're soulless and boring, as well as being rather inaccurate. On the other there's the user reviews, ones that are normally so filled with bias and irrational judgement that you can't rely on them at all. They have too much personality: it's not uncommon to find huge amounts of negative reviews stemming from little more than small slights that individuals have blown well out of proportion."

Asked about the different approach his publication was taking, he commented that "We'll provide a blend of the two. Something different and yet still familiar and adequately comfortable. We look at some of the biggest landmarks with irreverence, whilst highlighting the spots you would never read about in normal guides. We have our ears to the ground, working with a team of dedicated writers who know the city inside out. Ultimately, that should be enough to make us appealing to readers."

A key part of E London Buzz's strategy does indeed lie with the writers. The cornerstone of any good magazine or guide, they've been specially recruited to provide a perfect mix of knowledge and style. Importantly, they've been recruited from those with experience in a variety of areas, allowing exceptional expertise across a wide range of subjects. Writers' names are kept anonymous, so they are free to talk without restraints. As such, readers will know that the pieces that they're reading are free from journalistic fear, and the criticisms they raise will not be veiled or toned down to suit a corporate line.

About ELondonBuzz
A guide to all the best attractions in London, written with humor and charm.

Jackie Jones
London, United Kingdom