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Robert Gruler of R&R Law Group Successfully Defends Citizen from Aggressive Police

Citizens have rights too and the law firm works to protect these rights, reports PhoenixDUI.ViceTeam.org


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- Robert Gruler of R & R Law Group (http://www.phoenixdui.viceteam.org/) announces he successfully defended a citizen from the actions of overly aggressive police officers in Phoenix. The client was charged with aggravated assault, a class 4 felony, and was forced to undergo an order of protection hearing for domestic violence. Mr. Gruler worked to have the pre-file felony charges and order of protection dismissed on behalf of the client.

"Citizens have rights too under the law and R & R Law Group works to protect these rights at all times. Cases often head to court, where the attorneys argue for protection of the citizen. One should never feel they have no recourse when they believe they have been treated unfairly by police. R & R Law Group takes these cases on, as everyone should be treated fairly in America," Gruler. an R&R Law Group attorney, declares.

ASU police received reports of a verbal agreement. Upon arriving at the residence, they observed no physical harm to either the defendant or his girlfriend, yet choose to arrest the client and detain the girlfriend. Both speak very little English, as they are immigrants from Asia. The police coerced the girlfriend into filing baseless charges, using her inability to speak clear English to their advantage.

"The girlfriend failed to understand the situation and what the police were asking her to do. The defendant appeared in court where, upon a review of the evidence, all allegations and orders were dismissed by the prosecutors and courts. Individuals need not fear being unfairly prosecuted. R & R Law Group, trial defense lawyers, works to protect the rights of all citizens, no matter what they are charged with," Gruler continues.

A felony charge must be taken seriously. When individuals are charged with a crime of this type, they face significant time in jail. Upon their release, a convicted felon finds his or her life is seriously disrupted as a result of the conviction. An attorney is needed immediately in this situation.

"R & R Law Group examines the facts of each case, working to construct the best defense possible. Although there may be times where the defendant is convicted, the attorneys at R & R Law Group work to reduce the consequences of the conviction. Contact the law firm immediately when charged with a crime of this type. The attorneys work to represent all citizens, regardless of what they are charged with, as every citizen deserves nothing less," Gruler proclaims.

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