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Bashford Jewellery Offers Conflict Free Diamonds Engagement Ring


Seattle, WA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Consumers who are looking for conflict free diamonds engagement ring can turn to Bashford Jewellery ( The online jewellery shop is committed to only use diamonds that were gotten through ethical labour and environmentally responsible sourcing.

Bashford Jewellery only uses diamonds that are conflict free from Russia, Australia, and Canada. Before buying diamonds, they first research the origins to ensure that they don't come from sources tainted with horrible working conditions, as well as irresponsible mining operations.

To be considered a conflict free diamonds engagement ring, the precious stone must come from an operation in a country that is free from violence. In most cases, diamond mines have been used to fund wars in conflict areas. Bashford Jewellery makes it a point to source their diamonds only from a mining country that is free of any violent conflicts. They utilise third party confirmation services to guarantee that the precious stones are 100 percent ethical.

In July 2000, the diamond industry created the Kimberley Process Certification System to eradicate conflict diamonds on the market. The system was adopted in 2003 and ensured that no conflict diamond will be able to enter the diamond supply chain. The industry also created a System of Warranties to make sure that the consumers and jewellery sellers get their diamonds from ethical sources.

Bashford Jewellery goes beyond the Kimberley Process to make sure that the diamonds are truly free of any taint of conflict, violence, exploitation of workers, extreme poverty, and damage to the environment. They believe that mining should not be done at the expense of the workers, communities, and the environment.

To make a conflict free diamonds engagement ring, Bashford Jewellery uses only Canadian diamonds from the Ekati and Diavik mines that have maintained stringent environmental standards, and held accountable by environmental monitoring agencies. Their Russian diamonds come from the mines in Siberia that have provided thousands of jobs to members of the local community. Their diamonds have been certified with GIA and Canadian Diamond Certificate.

Aside from offering conflict free diamonds engagement ring, Bashford Jewellery also tries to give back to the community. A portion from each purchase from the online shop is given to various charitable organisations, such as The Salvation Army, A21 Campaign, and Polaris Project.

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Bashford Jewellery ( is an online jewellery shop that offers conflict free diamonds engagement ring, among others. The company is founded by Mildred Stephens, who also serves as the store's designer. Her husband Neil Stephens serves as her partner in the business as well. The shop has been featured in various media outlets such as The Knot,, Seattle Bride, Sweet Violet Bride, and Lux and Eco.

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