Latest UFO Sightings Covers Recent Outburst of UFO Occurrences Through Ireland, Mexico, Brasil and More

Latest UFO Sightings is identifying a big upswing in the number of UFO sightings happening this winter, with its latest posts covering Europe, the Americas and more.


Nova Gorica, Slovenia -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- UFOs, or Unidentified Flying Objects, are a broad classification for unexplained phenomena that occur in the skies, for which there are multiple possible explanations. Stealth aircraft, ball lightning, swamp gas, and extra-terrestrials are all common explanations for these UFOs, which almost always behave erratically an unlike earth-like propelled aircraft. is a website that exists to document these occurrences to help people investigate them, and they have seen a recent upswing in sightings across the world during the winter of 2014, leading many speculators to come up with even bolder theories to explain them.

The recent UFO sightings include Belfast Northern Ireland, Bulgaria, Brazil and New Mexico, and all have similar characteristics, being an unusually shaped bright light moving erratically through the sky both during the day and night. These even include supposed landing modules said to contain occupants.

The sightings have given rise to renewed theories about aliens and the role of Area 51 as a possible base of operations for a US Military and extraterrestrial research facility. Other common ideas include reconnaissance by intelligent life forces and trans-dimensional beings entering and leaving our three dimensional space.

A spokesperson for Latest UFO Sightings explained, "We are excited and a little unnerved by the sudden upswing in UFO sightings. Of course, for extra terrestrial beings global coverage is very likely an easy thing to achieve, but nevertheless the patterns of occurrences tend not to have such a frequency. Whether this increase in sightings is due to human technologies like drones causing more false positives or due to an increase in activity by genuine unknown forces remains to be seen, but our website will be diligently covering every sighting to enable enthusiasts to investigate each claim on its own merit and to see whether they are able to interpret connections between them."

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