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E London Buzz Challenges Review Industry's Honesty


London, UK -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- London travel guide E London Buzz's has launched a scathing attack on compromised ethics in the review industry. As of 2015, every writer on their site will be recruited from a strong journalistic background, in order to ensure that they have the necessary detachment from their subject matter. This has been specifically done to combat the rise of puff pieces seen in the online sphere, one that has lead to many institutions effectively paying for good reviews with freebies and promotion for the writers.

Each and every one of their reviews is written anonymously. The writers all work under pseudonyms, and at no point do they ever do anything that might interfere with the integrity of their work. No gifts, discounts or any form of incentives are ever taken from those being reviewed, in fact most don't even realised they've been covered until the piece is online. This ensures that their writers can stay true to their beliefs without needing to compromise for the sake of a corporate line.

In an age of social media, it's a unique concept. The small, faceless team behind the site will receive no new Twitter followers, will build no individual cult. There's nothing in it for them, bar the joy of writing, and so honesty naturally follows. If they love somewhere, they'll say it. If they hate something, they'll say it. All distractions have been removed from the minds of the writers, ensuring pieces that are both frank and trustworthy.

Speaking to the site's editor, it quickly becomes clear that these decisions were thoroughly considered. "We need to create an environment where our writers felt free to just speak the truth. The second that images can be tarnished or gifts can be handed out, things change. There are few that don't let it affect them, and it's not a risk that we're willing to take with our pieces."

"It's not what the reader wants either. The whole idea of a critic is someone who is experienced and unbiased enough to give you a genuine opinion. It's what's expected, and for good reason. We wanted to get back to that central core of criticism with this site, hence our interests in protecting the anonymity of our contributors."

The site has already caused something of a stir for its utterly irreverent tone, which is often pushing the boundaries of what can be said about an established institution. Because of their structure though, there's no way to blacklist E London Buzz writers or stop their torrent of compelling  reviews.

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