Pawan Sharma Seeks Crowdfunding via Indiegogo for TestClues

This groundbreaking new learning platform empowers technology students to pass any exam on their first try.


New Delhi, India -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- TestClues is a dream to help tech students, job seekers as well as working IT professionals to easily prepare for their technology exams and career certifications so they can pass IT exams on their first try.

Founder Pawan Sharma is an experienced IT professional in his own right and knows firsthand how much time is absorbed and how many thousands of dollars are spent for career-advancing technical certifications. Anyone who even considered Microsoft certification already knows the huge commitment in terms of time and money in front of them with very little certainty they'll pass any given certification exam. If a certification candidate fails the test, he must return to his studies for several more weeks and then pay a second fee to take the same test again.

TestClues will change all that through online exam simulators, mock tests and practice exams with full featured grading & scoring along with a site wide ranking system. After running through all of the online courseware TestClues offers, any certification candidate can enter the exam room confident that they are 100% ready to pass their test.

Unlike most crowdfunding campaigns that seek funding to develop an idea into a finished product or service, TestClues is online now and helping students every day. Crowdfunding will enable Mr. Sharma to add more exams to the existing website, upgrade the hosting platform to accommodate more users as well as expand existing functionality building a robust online learning community.

The result? Tech students and IT professionals will save thousands of dollars as they enhance their knowledge and prepare for the tests they must pass in order to further their IT career.

Perhaps even more empowering are the resources that will be made to help newly certified IT professionals search for and land tech jobs putting their feet firmly on the path to a successful IT career. Backers of this crowdfunding project will receive commensurate recognition and can have full satisfaction in knowing they're making life easier for anyone who seeks to improve their quality of life through an Information Technology career path at no cost to them.

This crowdfunding campaign ends February 7, 2015.

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About Pawan Sharma
Pawan Sharma is an IT professional with 12 Years of experience and during my journey he's seen companies demanding IT certifications and people striving hard and spending lot of money to pass the tests needed for certification. TestClues is his dream project to help all such students, job seekers and working professionals help prepare for their tech exams.