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Leadership Development Expected to Deliver Huge Returns in 2015


Long Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Return on investment is at the top of every business owner's wish list for 2015. But ROI doesn't simply refer to the amount of money. It involves many other business factors also.

"Every business owner knows that the biggest investment in their business is the time they spend running the business," offers John Davis, president of ROI Results Advisors. "We spend practically all of our time away from the business looking for opportunities and solving problems. It can be all-consuming if you allow it."

One particularly perplexing problem most CEOs face is keeping upper-level managers and lower-level employees committed and energized. This so-called "tying up the two ends" is critical to owners in making the business flourish.

"It's the number one concern we run into when we begin an engagement with a business," Davis adds. "It's so prevalent that we dedicated an entire issue of our latest newsletter to suggesting strategies to CEOs who are overwhelmed by this dual threat."

The newsletter "ROI Leader" discusses many leadership issues that have been identified as key leverage points that warrant an investment of time or resources. Complimentary subscriptions are being offered during the month of January, and in it business owners can expect to find tips and discussions of how to keep good employees productive and feeling valued.

In today's competitive business environment there is a growing recognition that leadership development is more than just developing a single leader. Leadership skills need to be promoted throughout the organization, and the effect of equipping all personnel with leadership responsibilities benefits both the employee and the business.

Ultimately, the return on investment in leadership development throughout the organization can be substantial as new vistas are opened and the CEO's concerns about problems and opportunities are distributed business wide.

"Measuring the return of investment for retention of valuable employees points to huge potential savings, and the newsletter shines a spotlight on this fact," says Davis. "So considering why employees leave, the cost of employee turnover and employee motivation along with methods to increase return is well worth most business owner's attention."

The newsletter "ROI Leader" is available to all business owners during the month of January as a special promotion by ROI Results Advisors by calling 800-260-4494.

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