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American Businesses Hope for Gains in 2015 Management Strategists Provide Key Steps

As shown by the recent economic reports, the United States economic engine has numerous vulnerabilities. The threat lies in everything starting from manufacturing to consumer spending. In order to leave the economic troubles of 2014 and pave the way for better profitability in the new year of 2015, Dr. Dave Hinkes and Dr. Daryl Green, two highly sort after management strategists are preparing to offer useful advice for businesses to achieve greater profitability.


Knoxville, TN -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- As suggested by the leading economic reports of the United States for the year 2014, it almost seems that the American businesses have given up due to the increasing competition by the global market. Dr. Dave Hinkes and Dr. Daryl Green suggest that there are a number of vulnerabilities in United States current economic engine, which have been well exhibited by the recent economic reports. These two highly revered management strategists of today's times are here to offer their highly specialized advice to businesses for achieving greater profitability in 2015 and to leave behind the economic troubles of 2014 for good.

Dr. Daryl Green and Dr. Dave Hinkes suggest that the current management strategies require a few amendments due to the absorption of globalization and the interwoven faith we have grown on foreign countries. It can be well perceived from the current records that the global economic market has begun to struggle. As we can see that China's economic growth continues to falter, dropping to five year low of 7.3%.

Also the 18 major countries that make up the EU also seem to be undergoing with economic hardships in their own right, with only subpar economic growth to cover for it. Yet on the bright side, the U.S. economy capped off its strongest growth figures in the last 11 years due to a robust consumer spending and healthy business investments in 2014. But in spite of these promising growth figures, not all businesses in the country achieved proper results. As the records show, economic growth has been too slow for many struggling businesses. Businesses owners hope to achieve better results this year on 2015 by breaking the economic barriers of last year.

As an effective solution to this Dr. Daryl Green and Dr. Dave Hinkes suggest, that a positive attitude should be incorporated with the view of retooling ones business strategies, in order to break free from the economic troubles and achieve good results. The effective ways in which one can do so has been nicely demonstrated in their book, "Selling by Objectives: The Handbook for More Profitability in the 21st Century."

Dr. Hinkes suggests, "If you can practice or role play your responses to these objectives originating from any source, then you will find that you will be closing more deals, building more wealth, and saving time and effort in the process." He also adds that, that businesses need to stay connected with their customers by using several key elements which include branding, quality, reliability, flexibility, creativity, simplicity, efficiency, and price which explained in detail in their book.

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