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Hushout - A Bully Free Anonymous Sharing App


Phoenix, AZ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/06/2015 -- Hushout is a new free social networking app that's completely anonymous.  Users can share their deepest secrets, humorous stories and much more in a setting where freedom comes first and bullying is heavily discouraged.  Early users are praising Hushout for being an absolute breakthrough.

What would people post to their social media accounts if they knew they were safely anonymous?  That's an intriguing question in this age of serious privacy concerns and where social networking is a huge part of a great many lives.  Enter Hushout , a recently launched iOS app, designed to make anonymous sharing exciting, entertaining, safe and fun.  Building off the idea that anonymous social networking can be done in a way that's bully and judgment free, the new app is well on its way to becoming a quick viral success.

"We created Hushout to be a safe place to kick back, relax and anonymously share your secrets or thoughts with the world,"  commented a spokesperson from the company.  "Our app allows users to ask or respond to questions from random people and learn more about the world and just about anything you could imagine it.  We're very excited about how Hushout has been received and with our users recommending the app to friends, we have no doubt our growth is going to continue at a quick pace."

According to the company, Hushhout has several advantages over other social networking apps that are operating in a similar space.  The first major improvement is a well thought out and executed answer to bullying, a problem that has been a plague to other anonymous sharing projects.  On Hushout users can be reported for "bullying" which, when verified, makes the abusive user's "bully meter" go from green to red.  This makes identifying bullies simple and easy, enhancing the user experience greatly.  Users can choose to register or use the app without registering.  Registration brings several benefits, like unlocking new "masks" which serve to identify users, and allows them to earn coins which can be given as gifts.  Finally, users can also be blocked and unblocked.

Using the app is very intuitive.  Both photos and videos can be shared, and anonymous questions asked and answered, both with text or with another photo or video.  Users choose from a large amount of already designed "masks" for their profile picture, something that puts emphasis on the anonymous nature of Hushout, much more so than social networks where the profile picture is often something that takes away from honest exchanges.  Users are been quick to embrace this kind of attention to detail.

J.H., from Brooklyn, recently said,  "I'll be honest I wasn't sure if I would enjoy Hushout, but I couldn't be happier about checking it out.  After a few weeks, I'm basically addicted.  It's fun, I've had great conversations with interesting people and even have had the courage to share some private things about myself I haven't dared to share anywhere else..Now if I have something on my mind I use the Hushout app to Hush it out.  Five stars and fully recommended."

About Hushout Mobile App
Hushout mobile app is free and is not available to download from the iOS Appstore. The Android version is coming soon.

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Contact: Uche Amadi
Company: Hushout
Address: 3411 North 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ 85016
Phone: 480-430-9738