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Investing takes more than good research and savvy market knowledge. If it was that easy, every money manager would be getting the same returns. Your personal psychology of investing is, many times, the determining factor between profit and loss.


Chicago, IL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Successful investing has never been easy and, often investors can be their own worst enemy. Professional or amateur trigger-pulling on an investment always leaves lingering doubt about the decision. Sometimes, before the decision is made to invest, a person has already done a substantial amount of research. This, in turn, leads to confusion if the investment goes awry. The game then becomes more about you rather than the investment. Your entry decision is truly a personal psychological battle that can make or break your investment decision.

Taking a different, holistic approach to trading can make a difference. Benjamin Lee of Think Trade Think has over 20 years of investing experience and has managed money in diverse scenarios. He has worked with professionals and amateurs to help them overcome their trading inhibitions, leading to greater success. Joining Trading Street, Mr. Lee is offering his course, "The Affluence AdvantEDGE: Unleash the Millionaire Trader within You" and his book, "A Bet & A Victor." Both of these offerings are geared toward the individual investor looking to enhance their trading abilities beyond the usual technical and fundamental analysis.

Investing success takes time and work but, more importantly, an individual's frame of mind can make the difference between profit and loss. Mr. Lee's principles can bridge that gap and bring many individuals back to the path of successful investing.

Mr. Lee, in collaboration with Trading Street, provides teaching and personalized coaching at the convenience of individuals wanting to learn more taking their trading to the next level.

Check out Mr. Lee's full biography and offerings at Trading Street.

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