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Social Media Marketing Demystified - How to Find a Social Media Marketing Strategy That Works

Social media marketing expert offers strategies for increasing leads, boosting sales and not losing your mind with social media.


San Diego, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Social media marketing is one of the biggest wastes of time, money, energy and focus - according to Michael Clarke, author of the new paperback book "Social Media Marketing Made Stupidly Easy."

It's also one of the cheapest, most effective tools small business owners can use to "compete" with the big-box retailers and create die-hard fans who will buy from them again and again.

The key, says Clarke, is more about what NOT to do than it is about what strategies to follow.

"Most small business folks getting into social media marketing spend WAY too much time on crap that won't make them money," says Clarke. "Instead they should create little mini-conversations that point all users to one location...signing up for your email list."

What's a mini-conversation? And how does a small-business owner get one started? Clarke says the same rules of face-to-face interaction apply to social media world.

"People's favorite subject is - and always will be - themselves. And the quickest way to get them talking about themselves is to ask questions," says Clarke. "People don't care so much about your 'brand' as they do in looking cool in front of other people."

Figuring out where to start those mini-conversations - and just how to do it in a quick and efficient way - was the impetus of Clarke writing the book.

"I just wanted to give small business folks the LEAST they need to know to see real success in their social media marketing," says Clarke. "And if it makes customers feel warm and fuzzy - then that's good too."

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