Is Web Scraping Leaving Entrepreneurs Hungry for More?

Web scraping gives young start-up businesses valuable visions about their competition and grants unmatched market data, which are essential become a market leaders in their niche.


Irvine, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- In many companies, integrating external website data into intelligence and company procedures is just a matter of survival. The accuracy and speed at which crucial data is obtained, processed and shared across a business's enterprise ecosystem could make a great difference in being first to promote a product, support or perhaps a competing bid. This is where customer trends and market are instantly recognizable, where scam activity is discovered, background checks are done, where market research and financial data drives innovative ideas and a lot more.

But imagine if a company has outgrown its present web scraper or extracting initiatives? Rather than "force feeding" information that's noisy, incomplete and obsolete to fulfill company and regulatory wants, businesses are seeking to obtain and incorporate accurate, relevant and new web data through a more smart and integration based strategy.

While illustrating website data, many people focus on popular customer and social networking websites such as Google+, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Wikipedia, but the valuable data is generally located elsewhere. It may be in business specific websites, cloud applications, password-protected B2B websites, and government sites. It also contains data secured in applications that reside within a system's firewall. Once entrepreneurs know how easy it's to gather and make accessible for their employees, they can enjoy the huge potential real time website data offers.

Not all scraper tools have the capability to extract data from sites which use JavaScript, AJAX, Flash and PDFs. Actually, business reviews claim that 60-70% time of an analyst's is spent on tugging data together from numerous data resources, cleaning the data, before expert can start examining the data.

By taking benefit of quality website data-integration technologies that doesn't depend exclusively on APIs, one can quickly and easily customize and deploy data integrations—irrespective of whether current APIs can be found. Through web data extractor, businesses can create intelligence into procedures to ensure that automatic decision-making can occur—even with high volume, real time and amorphous data.

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