Smart Back Brace

Back Brace with Smart Technology to Help Correct Posture

A clavicle device with long term benefits


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Bad posture is the number one cause of concern among individuals, triggering a series of health effects resulting in chronic pain in the back, shoulders etc. Correcting posture is an easy suggestion often made by health experts which is hardly followed to the letter by the person complaining of the pain. It is indeed easier said than done as humans are creatures of habit and so is their body which settles down into a posture often becoming the root cause of the pain.

To end this ordeal, a new revolutionary back brace is about to launch.

The Smart Back Brace (SBB) is a smart clavicle device designed to train the muscles into adopting the correct posture which can be achieved upon continuous use. The back brace, easily fits into one's lifestyle helping them stand and sit in the right manner, a manner which is easy on the back and the muscles in the surrounding area including the shoulders.

What is different about this back brace which is not commonly found in other braces is that this device communicates with the user when his posture is not in line with the suggested standard. By sending a mild vibration or an alert to the user's phone, the brace allows room for correction which over time becomes habitual thus, helping the person to benefit from the right posture.

The way that this back brace works, is through a smart chip which is the center of the brace sending signals when there is correction of posture needed.

Currently, the prototype version of SBB is being tested, given the success that is anticipated, it is soon going into production.

About Smart Back Brace (SBB)
Smart Back Brace (SBB) is a crowd funding project with high potential of being a market hit. The fact that this brace has many new features to offer and is easy to use is a definite deal maker. So far, the response for this product has been amazing and those who are supporting it expect it to make great progress.

The inventor Andy has used his personal experiences of struggling with improper posture to come up with this unique product which is destined to be a real problem solver.

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