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Web Scraping Evolved: APIs for Turning Webpage Content Into Valuable Data

Combining smart data parsing with semantic markup can be a cocktail necessary to change chaos of interconnected website data into an organized knowledge-base.


Roanoke, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- As the prices in ownership of semantic standards are growing, nearly all of the web continues to be home to mainly unstructured data. Internet search-engines, like Google, stay focused on watching out for the HTML codes for clues to provide valuable results to their users.

But despite semantic standards in position, organized data takes a parser to filter info and transform it into a data interchange structure, specifically XML or JSON. Several libraries are there in many common coding languages. But be cautioned, many of these parser libraries are not even close to refined. Mostly are community created, and therefore may not be up-to-date or complete, as standards are ever-changing. On the other hand, website owners who don't completely follow semantic standards can crack the parser. And undoubtedly there are websites that contain no organized data format at-all. This inconsistency triggers issues for smarter web data extractor tool, and acts as a roadblock for new business startups and ideas.

Many businesses are providing an API support to create impression of this amorphous data and to eliminate these roadblocks. For instance, Amazon product scraper provides a suite of data extraction APIs including an organized content scraping API that allows organized data to be filtered based on both structural and visible traits. This API could be a useful tool for new startup businesses seeking to steer clear of the parsing game.

Presently their website enlists APIs for webpage classification along with parsing article kind websites. Most of the internet, including community forums, ecommerce data, events etc. stays as potential API choices and it'll be fascinating to see what they pursue next.

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