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Botguruz Launches Its Amazon Product Scraper for Ecommerce Retailers to Help Them Earn Profits

Amazon product scraper crawls and extracts product name, ASIN, Description, Model No, address etc. from Amazon in a legible & clean CSV format.


Roanoke, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Amazon is undeniably the largest online retail store in the world, which means that there are numerous consumers browsing and buying products from Amazon every single day. Entrepreneurs who like to make money could make use of this web store and start reaping money in no time. Amazon is not only helpful for people who wish to make money, but also for those who want to compare costs of particular products. Although, getting this done is challenging as one have to browse Amazon for hours to be able to collect all data he or she is looking for. But things will go smoothly and easily, if a person make use of a web data extractor.

Amazon product scraper is the latest software launched by Botguruz that extract Product name, Product ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number), Product Description, Product Vendor Details, Best Buy Cost, Product Delivery info, and Weigh information from Amazon.

The Amazon Filler is extremely helpful for people who're trying to develop a cost comparison website. Additionally, it can be used to produce an Amazon market.

People can copy product description, images, description within no time to create the list that they want through this web scraper. Making use of an automated amazon scraper will allow customers and ecommerce retailers to review several Amazon Product categories and catalogues. It's also possible to extract product images from Amazon. The images can be easily scraped though amazon screen-scraper. Other ecommerce retailers can customize their search so that they can get a list of products depending on the budget range they set.

The Amazon data scrape is the next-best factor for affiliate users. They can easily develop their own website by extracting the product specifics from Amazon and place them into their site. The moment they get this done, they can generate twice than what they generate through affiliates.

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