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Botguruz Facilitates Monitoring Competitor Prices Through Their Amazon Data Extractor

Retailers can increase their margins by monitoring prices and discovering products data via Amazon scraper for which they can increase prices competitively.


Roanoke, VA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Amazon's foray into the e-commerce industry rewrote the rulebook of the retail business and ever since, numerous companies are selling online than ever before. The online retailers today experience various types of competitions and challenges. With client loyalty and integrity on the wane, pricing these products has become the key choice a company needs to make. This involves monitoring the costs of competitors on a daily basis. To facilitate this purpose, Botguruz has launched its web scraper tool popularly named as Amazon Data Extractor.

By monitoring one's competitor websites for stocks and prices one can boost their sales with competition based pricing. Web data scraper provide crucial data required to find the best price-points by decreasing/increasing costs and monitoring the overall sales. If sales are constant on increasing costs, a retailer can further boost or rollback towards the price-point where sales hiked.

Amazon product scraper extract vital product information like product name, Model No, Product ASIN, Weigh information, Best buy price and many more. A retailer can use this data to enhance product catalog by monitoring his competitor's stock accessibility throughout the day. Thus, one can accordingly customize and enhance their stock and inventory products at a price that are provided at competitive rates.

As a big retail store manager, by web-scraping the data to track prices can gain beneficial insight in to the product pricing through geographies and decide whether he can charge more centered on distinguishing facets, like ZIP codes or particular neighborhood.

Botguruz specialize in web-scraping and supply "hosted" cost monitoring solutions. They have scraped thousands of sites supplying their customers with data in formats according to their necessity. Their "hosted" web-scraping and extraction services will grab the data non-intrusively and anonymously.

Botguruz Products, (, based in Allison Avenue Driver,VA, is a leading provider of top quality services like data scraper, web extraction, web-crawling along with products like internet crawlers, robots and spiders for business professionals. Botguruz has launched several latest products like LinkedIn scraper, Yahoo biz crawler, Walmart crawler, web-blog extractor and many more.

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