Posh Pads

Posh Pads Add New Properties in Portsmouth to Deliver High Class Living to Students

Posh Pads is a property developer and student accommodation specialist in Portsmouth and Southampton, and have recently expanded their range of student homes available in Portsmouth.


Southampton, Hampshire -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Students are under more financial pressure now than at any time in our history, as tuition fees have spiked and the cost of living has risen considerably alongside the economic downturn. As a result, many students are reduced to living in meager and unclean conditions in squashed flats and houses. Posh Pads exist so that in Portsmouth and Southampton at least, there is another way. They offer affordable, high quality housing for students and have recently expanded their portfolio to include new properties in Portsmouth, which are now featured on their website.

The new High Quality Student House Shares are in three distinct locations, within the city center, Somerstown and Southsea, but all are held to the same high standards of cleanliness, convenience and class. The properties available for rent are in the 'now available' section on the site, where each is displayed with high quality imagery, detailed descriptions and a clear monthly rental price.

Students can arrange to visit Posh Pads for Student Accommodation via the website and can read testimonials from other satisfied tenants –and property owners- on the website. The properties are in such high demand that 90% of them are signed by December of the year previous to when students will actually enter the houses to start living in them.

A spokesperson for Posh Pads explained, "For the early birds that snap up these great properties such a long advanced booking is great, as they have time to adapt, prepare and budget for the rent and bills, while it gives our property owners ultimate peace of mind as they know that new tenants will be moving in without much if any dead time in between. Our new properties in Portsmouth have come in now, meaning there is a rare opportunity for last minute seekers to secure a Posh Pad as well, and we recommend they book viewings soon."

About Posh Pads
Posh Pads are the student accommodation specialists in Southampton and Portsmouth, having started as University students in 1993, the business has since grown through investing and owning a portfolio of over 160 properties caring for over 800 tenants. The company believes in maintaining high quality homes at affordable prices, and saves students from living in squalor.

For more information please visit: http://www.poshpads.com/