Glucosamine Becoming One of the Top Supplements Used by Cyclists


Portland, OR -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- There are some health conditions that develop in athletes and sportspeople due to rigorous physical activities. Even low-impact sports such as cycling can cause conditions such as "Gritty Knees". To combat such conditions, it seems that cyclists have found a natural alternative that they claim works for them.

According to research, glucosamine supplements are becoming one of the top supplements for many cyclists. Cyclists repetitively pedal and this causes a painful condition called gritty knees. Repetitive pedaling triggers damage in the cartilage surrounding the kneecap, causing friction and pain.

"Health experts suggest that cyclists should perform stretches to reduce their risk of developing gritty knees. In addition to gentle exercises, many also recommend the use of natural supplements such as glucosamine," said VitaBreeze Supplements spokesperson, Michelle O'Sullivan.

The kneecap has a thick cartilage behind it that acts as a protective shield. This cartilage reduces the impact when a person pedals, as it allows the kneecap to glide over other bones in the knee joint. However, when people begin to cycle more frequently, it also speeds up the wear and tear on this important cartilage.

Researchers believe that the onset of gritty knees can be prevented. According to several experts, there are measures that cyclists can take to reduce their risk for the condition. Among them includes choosing a bike that properly fits their body size, and this means one that does not force them to sit too far forwards. Sitting too far forwards can significantly compel the knees to stretch too far back. Their knee positions are also one thing that they should watch out to avoid strains in the joint.

The gradual deterioration of the joint cartilage speeds up when there are low levels of glucosamine that protects it. This is why many health experts and even arthritis patients strongly believe in the therapeutic effects of glucosamine. According to studies, the natural alternative can help increase the glucosamine levels in the body, and thus slow down the wear and tear caused by excessive cycling.

Albeit studies still continue to validate the efficiency of glucosamine, it is already considered a popular natural option for many individuals. Quite a number of cyclists around the globe are continually using glucosamine supplements to maintain joint health. Many of them believe that the natural alternative does not only help them regain or maintain their joint health, but also increase their protection against gritty knees

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