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The Music Matrix Announces Game Changing Playlist Software Algorithm to Launch in 2015

The Music Matrix uses big-data driven analysis and an algorithm to generate the most relevant playlist based on up to date trends across more platforms than any other service, and is launching in January.


Orlando, FL -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- The developers of the algorithm have created a better music mousetrap that analyses over 10 million artists and song titles to serve up the hottest, best and freshest tracks from great artists both new to the scene and well established.

Streaming Music is a booming industry that is rapidly evolving. With the rise of social media, the nature of popular music has changed and diversified massively. Now there are more popular genre choices than ever, and finding all the best new and most popular music can be a daunting task for the music lover. That's why The Music Matrix has created a revolutionary big-data approach. It analyses multiple social media websites, downloaded music charts and radio airplay charts to create the most relevant perfect up to date playlist for each listening experience.

The new algorithm ( will launch in January 2015 and will revolutionize the way people discover the most popular music in real time fashion. The internet radio algorithm is able to identify songs in each genre that are trending according to the huge data samples. The Music Matrix serves up these most relevant songs as part of the perfect playlist. This gives music lovers a constant new and rewarding musical experience with little effort.

A spokesperson for The Music Matrix explained, "The Music Matrix will be an exciting prospect for music lovers of all kinds in 2015, helping people discover new artists while listening to the familiar tracks they are used to without having to do any of the leg work themselves. The Algorithm is like having a personal DJ that knows your tastes and preferences and can serve you up the songs you love along with the songs that will become your new favorites. We will be launching the app soon in partnership with, and look forward to seeing it change the way people experience music."

About The Music Matrix
Music Matrix is the first of its kind music algorithm. It leverages the power of social media, music and download charts data to create a relevant music playlist regardless of the genre of music listened to. Over 10 million artists and tracks are analyzed and a playlist is created based upon the popularity of the artist in that genre to craft playlists that are both timeless and always current.

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