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Tech Startup iScribed Aims to Revolutionize Audio Transcription Online with Cost-Effective Transcribing Services


Lawrenceville, GA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Executives, business owners, and office managers can finally order convenient audio transcription services for their company online – without sacrificing quality in the process.

iScribed Audio Transcription Services, a leading team of professional transcribers from the US, the UK, and Canada, has revolutionized the field with a unique take on pricing that allows them to offer 99% accurate transcripts for over 20% less than their biggest competitors. The company offers English - only transcription services at this time, but has plans to offer support for more languages in the near future.

Essentially, iScribed purports to offer the exact same or better quality transcription services as larger companies at a significantly lower cost. When multiple hours of recorded audio need to be transcribed, the $1 vs $0.79 element makes an even bigger difference.

The startup appears to be confident in the quality of its services, as it has been offering free demos to new customers. These samples include one full minute of audio transcription, and iScribed feels that will be enough to demonstrate their skills and hopefully convert incredulous business owners into believers.

With more digital audio recordings being made than ever before, as well as the amount of videos being uploaded to YouTube every minute, transcription services have never been in greater demand. iScribed's innovative "virtual" business model combined with low overhead costs allow them to offer affordable transcription services on-line – virtually anywhere in the world.

About iScribed
Established in 2013, iScribed ( ) is an online audio transcription company that provides highly accurate audio transcription to companies around the world. They have a large team of experienced transcriptionists in the United States, but having transcriptionists outside the US allows them to provide their users the fastest service across different time-zones.

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