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ICOOKER Announces Silicone BBQ Oven Cooking Gloves #1 on Amazon


Brooklyn, NY -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2015 -- With reviews such as this 5-star note from satisfied customer Charles Ashby, "Reaching to the oven and knowing that my hands are well protected has given me a nice feeling. I feel so comfortable any time I am picking something out from the oven. The overall design is great and the customer service even better." It's easy to see how these Silicone BBQ Oven Cooking Gloves have made it to number one on


These gloves, which are available for either men or women in a five Fingered one size set fit, are orange FDA approved silicone heat resistant to 450º.  Waterproof and non-stick, they are easily cleaned in the dishwasher.  Not only great for indoor cooking or outdoor grilling, they can also be used when camping or for trying to open those pesky jar lids that stick.

"These are good to go if you want to have an easy time in your kitchen," stated another satisfied customer, Julie Martir. "Previously, I was using a metal handle which sometimes could slide when handling the sufurias and other items for cooking.  The evening they arrived I used it in my cooking and noticed that it was waterproof. It could also withstand more heat and have been a great item for the 2 weeks of use."

Unlike some silicone cooking mitts, these are make with 5-fingers, improving the ability of one to grip pots and pans and utensils like a normal hand versus the gloves that don't separate the fingers.

The gloves are only $19.99 per pair; however, the purchase of two pairs will make them eligible for free shipping.  That's great as they make a great gift or to have as an extra pair, one for the kitchen and one for the grill.

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