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Rubber Club Advises Their Clientele to Practice Safe Sex This Winter


Belmar, NJ -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Rubber Club is an online organization that offers a subscription-based condom delivery service. This winter, Rubber Club would like to remind potential and new customers to practice safe sex this winter.

Rubber Club believes that everyone has a basic right to sexual health; the right to privacy, the freedom of opinion and the right to a great standard of health. Anybody throughout the United States can protect their sexual health as well as their partner's through proper condom use, especially through a reliable condom club or delivery service such as Rubber Club.

Rubber Club's memberships are convenient and flexible. Subscribers will never pay any fees for their shipping and they can upgrade/downgrade at any time. Their services are also a great way to spread safe sex awareness and promote condom use. Last but not least, Rubber Club frequently updates the public on their deals and offerings through Their most recent video explains the advantage of using their services. Regardless of someone's level of sexual activity, they can benefit from a condom delivery service.

Rubber Club's services are versatile, and they offer a great selection of condoms and "sextras" for clients after they make purchases through the site. Their products are also perfect for anyone, and subscribers to Rubber Club's services will always have a condom on hand. Anybody with questions pertaining to their current membership or obtaining one can e-mail Anybody looking to talk to one of their staff about the service can call The Rubber Club at 800.929.6977.

About Rubber Club
Rubber Club was developed to provide individuals, both men and women, with condoms discreetly. Through online ordering, users become a member of the club and will receive a new shipment of their condoms each month. The company respects the privacy of their members, and will never give away any personal information. The shipment is received by members in the same factory sealed box that they would find in the local pharmacy or convenience store.

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