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When All Else Fails, Regenerative Medicine Offers Pain and Injury Recovery with No Hospital Stay


Seal Beach, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/07/2015 -- Once reserved for elite athletes who were willing to travel to Europe or Mexico for treatment, Regenerative Medicine Specialists are making the "Freedom to Move... Without Fear of Pain" available to anyone in Ventura County -

Regenerative medicine is a way of unleashing the body's own healing power to relieve pain, heal illness, and promote healthy bodily functioning. It works by harvesting and concentrating the body's healing cells and signaling molecules, then redeploying them to areas where they're most needed -

These cell concentrates then promote tissue regeneration and cut down inflammation, reorganizing tissues that have become dysfunctional as a result of degeneration or injury. Regenerative therapies have been used for all kinds of therapies to treat conditions which reduce quality of life and interfere with daily living.

Perhaps best of all, regenerative therapies as practiced by Regenerative Medicine Specialists allow a fast return to work and play, requiring minimum downtime. This is one reason they've been very popular with elite professional athletes around the world. At the same time, prospective patients need to know that, while they have a long and proven track record for efficacy and safety, they are still considered experimental by most insurance companies and as a result not covered.

All medical treatments carry benefits and risks. In the experience of Regenerative Medicine Specialists doctors, patients who are good candidates for regenerative treatment often experience sustained and complete relief from a single treatment injection. Nevertheless they believe that their most important responsibility as doctors is identifying the correct diagnosis and educating patients about all the treatments available to them as well as the risks. They assist patients in performing a risk-benefit analysis to understand which treatment is right for them.

Traditional treatments for debilitating, painful conditions range from rest and ice to medications to surgery. Some patients do very well with these treatments, but other patients either stop responding, do not respond, or even become worse off. In particular, opioid medications (which are addictive) and invasive surgery may have irreversible and serious, occasionally catastrophic results. Additionally, surgery usually requires painful, prolonged recovery.

Until recently, however, these patients did not have anywhere else to turn to get help. Now, Regenerative Medicine Specialists is bringing a technique to Ventura County that often succeeds when every other attempt has failed.

Regenerative treatments are done in the medical office and on an outpatient basis. There is no overnight stay or hospitalization needed. Once the injection has been given, the cells go to work.

About Our Regenerative Medicine Specialists
Regenerative Medicine Specialists includes Marc D. Wolfsohn, M.D., Dale G. Kiker, M.D., and Joseph A. Cabaret, M.D.

It was founded by Drs. Kiker and Cabaret. The practice specializes in PRP (platelet rich plasma) and stem cell treatment, on the belief that the best way to heal the body is to use its own regenerative properties -- rather than incur the risks and disadvantages of using steroids or surgical treatments to mask the underlying problem.

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