MIT Cappers Sports Handicapping Service Has Now Gone Public

MIT Cappers now offers its reputable sports handicapping services to the general public. The service allows the average bettor to capitalize by having a statistical expert on their side according to MIT Cappers.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- A new sports handicapping service has been launched by MIT Cappers to allow the public to receive the same specialized service, which was previously only available to private clients. For a number of years, MIT Capper has been helping private clients gain an edge in identifying winning teams and players, now this service has been opened up to the public with a special introductory offer of up to 60 percent off.

MIT Cappers has said their vision is simple. They have hired the best MIT-level talent they could find to develop a complex algorithm that predicts winners. The result is reliable software that gives the serious bettor a true Players Advantage in sports wagering. Through the use of this service, MIT Cappers has said it is the perfect solution for anyone looking to invest, or to enjoy a little sports action.

Algorithms are used in sports handicapping to quantify data in an attempt to create a simulated environment. This can greatly improve the odds of winning. MIT Cappers offers this predictive analysis for a single game, all the way up to season packages for dedicated investors.

Visitors to the website can try this service out or sign up for a free newsletter that has great betting information. MIT Cappers not only offers a true winning edge, but they also guarantee sport fans will make money. If for some reason they don't increase the sports fans profits during their membership they will gladly extend the package until the customer profits from their services.

Learn more about their services by visiting the website at today.

About MIT Cappers
MIT Cappers was founded by Vegas Insiders who recruited MIT level talent to help leverage their inside information with a proven statistical advantage. By developing this software, these world-class mathematicians, programmers and insiders combined to achieve high returns on our predictions. After years of enjoyed success our firm has now chosen to go public.

Company Name: MIT Cappers
Contact Telephone Number: 508-469-9488