Path to God Is Wide, Not Narrow, Daily Devotional Book Writer Says


Fort Worth, TX -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/08/2015 -- While some religions try to define a very narrow pathway to God, the pathway toward a better understanding of the world around us and beyond us is actually deep and wide, according to one daily devotional book writer. Christianity is one path and part of the larger and wider path, but it isn't the only way nor an exclusive way.

For Preston Tama, author of Focus Moments: Progressive Christian Devotional Readings From Along An Evolving Path (, God simply can't be confined to any narrow understandings.

"My spiritual path is heavily influenced by my progressive Christian upbringing, but I didn't stop growing spiritually once I learned all the lessons that the church I grew up in could teach me," Tama said. "Instead, I kept learning and growing, widening my pathway to God. As I looked deeper and wider into the pathway toward God, I realized that there were many more people on similar journeys toward wholeness, acceptance and understanding the meaning behind the universe than I realized."

For years, Tama wrote weekly email devotional messages for his church, and as the years progressed and time moved on, his views and opinions about God, the church and other people moved on too. Soon, he had amassed an archive of hundreds of messages. The Focus Moments book was born when he decided to choose the best to bring back to light.

"After looking through hundreds of emails, I found nearly 80 short daily devotions that really made sense to me and that I thought would make sense to the wider world trying to come to terms with how they deal with spirituality," he said. "These 75-plus messages are the things that I most want to say and that I think most need to be said about exploration along life's wider path."

Still, Tama said he could never write this book today.

"Each message represents a moment in time -- a moment that people who are moving along life's pathways may be experiencing too. I'm at a different place than I was when I wrote most of these messages, but I consider them daily devotions from different points along my journey that relate to points along everyone's journey."

About Preston Tama
Preston Tama is a native North Texan who has never stopped exploring spirituality in all its forms. The Focus Moments daily devotionals ebook -- available for Kindle devices and for iPhones, iPads, Androids and computers that have downloaded the free Kindle app -- is available exclusively from Amazon.

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