Writer / Director/ Co-Producer Zaid Abu Hamdan Starts Indiegogo Campaign to Support His Upcoming Comedy 'Daughters of Abdul-Rahman'

‘Daughters of Abdul-Rahman’ is the story of four sisters making decisions in a patriarchal society. Jordanian filmmaker Zaid Abu Hamdan is looking to raise $75,000 via Indiegogo to complete the making of this dramatic comedy.


Los Angeles, CA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/12/2015 -- Zaid Abu Hamdan grew up in the Middle East with his four brothers during the 80s and 90s. Though he never had any sisters, Zaid often wondered what would have happened if they were four sisters living under similar circumstances. As a filmmaker, he has always been curios about finding out the difference in the way patriarchal societies dictate the lives of men and women. This is what Zaid Abu Hamdan's film 'Daughters of Abdul-Rahman' is all about.

Wile the family dynamic in the story is universal, the theme of this upcoming film will thoroughly investigate how gossip and fear of scandal dictates the lives of people in certain societies. Through this unapologetic and female-empowering film, Zaid is looking to deal with serious issues in a poetic yet dark comedic style. Jordan's culture is ruled by several traditions that can be categorized as positive, strong, or honorable. There are some other traditions that compelled Zaid to make 'Daughters of Abdul-Rahman.'

Zaid Abu Hamdan believes that telling stories is his way of making sense to the world. He has already written and directed six films in English, Arabic, Mandarin, Hebrew, and Japanese including his critically acclaimed and Oscar Qualified award-winning film Bahiya & Mahmoud. Zaid has already spent well over five years in developing the screenplay of his seventh film. Now, Zaid is looking to raise $75,000 for the making of 'Daughters of Abdul-Rahman.' Funds raised will be mainly used to qualify to other bigger funds from International organizations, in addition to be using the campaign money for:

- Film website and press kit.
- Office space.
- Travel for pre-production.
- Screenplay translation.
- Line producer.
- Camera test for flashbacks.
- DP booking.
- Casting.
- Lockdown locations.

This campaign will close on February 02, 2015.

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About Zaid Abu Hamdan
Actor since the age of five, Zaid holds an MFA from the New York Film Academy and 2 BA's in Communication Arts and Psychology LAU, Beirut. Since 2009, Zaid wrote, directed and produced five award-winning and internationally distributed short films to date. In addition to directing and producing for major broadcasters in Los Angeles and the gulf, Zaid's films are known to be universal, showcasing stories from various cultures and languages. Zaid aspires to make films about real life, love and freedom.