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The IMET Corporation Is Offering Electronic Engineering and Product Development for the New Year


Southampton, PA -- (SBWIRE) -- 01/09/2015 -- The IMET Corporation is a contract manufacturing organization located in Southampton, PA. The corporation focuses on autonomous manufacturing systems, specializing in the industry of electronics engineering. For this New Year, they are offering top-notch electronic engineering and product development services to both new and returning clients.

IMET's manufacturing facilities produce printed circuit boards for a vast array of implementations. They can be used in everything from recreational devices to factory computing infrastructures. Their all-encompassing product engineering, development and manufacturing services in electronics engineering helps their customers build success, by manufacturing their product quickly, cheaply and at high quality.

IMET has extensive experience working with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and is able to predict their necessities. Primarily, OEMs seek Design for Manufacturability (DFM). This means that they want a design that is both efficient and high-quality, but also simple enough to be constructed by manufacturing machinery. IMET delivers effective DFM to OEMs, while maintaining cost efficiency, attaining max product performance, and optimizing marketability.

Clientele building a product through IMET can expect a streamlined and consistent process divided strategically into four phases, starting with client consultation, and then moving to identifying risk factors and product specifications. After that, their skilled team engineers the product, and then tests it thoroughly. After this, the "Design Package" they produce is finalized and sent the client, while making sure to include native file formats for them to view easily and clearly. Until all of these phases are complete, manufacturing does not begin.

Contact The IMET Corporation today for all of needs related to imprinted circuit board assembly, contract manufacturing, OEM compliance, electrical engineering and product development & manufacturing. IMET CEO Tom Krol is an experienced engineer with a passion for music and is familiar with dealing with a wide variety of clientele. Anyone interested can call The IMET Corporation at 866.537.2386.

About IMET
IMET is a service provider to companies that employ electronics devices in their proprietary products. The company serves a variety of industries, including consumer, military, aerospace, and industrial electronics products. When the appearance of a product is important, IMET can even call upon the assistance of an award-winning industrial design affiliate. In some cases, when product development may be handled by an OEM, production services may be contracted to IMET.

IMET Corp. was founded in 2000, in a rented garage. The company has undergone three major expansions and has enjoyed 400-percent growth during the height of the recent recession. Now operating in a company-owned 15,000-squarefoot facility in Southampton, PA, IMET has 25 employees and boasts the latest automated assembly machinery to achieve placement speeds to 10,500 components per hour. The resulting quality and economies account for so many clients returning from offshore manufacturing. IMET was recently was named 2014 Manufacturer of The Year by The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce.

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